Trayectorias profesionales para ingenieros de software y cómo abordarlas.

El ex ingeniero jefe de Google lo guía a través de trayectorias profesionales para ingenieros de software y graduados en informática. Únase a mí para la práctica diaria de entrevistas de programación. Y para seguir realmente tu carrera rápido, únete a mí para entrevistas de entrenamiento con sesiones en vivo. Navegar intencionalmente por su trayectoria profesional es esencial para los programadores. Conozca sus opciones y colóquese. El sitio web al que hice referencia para las búsquedas de empleo en Hacker News es Únase a ex ingenieros de Google / Facebook para mi curso de capacitación de entrevistas de programación: 💻 Explicación en video de más de 100 problemas de entrevistas de programación: 💻 Regístrese para recibir tutoriales de entrevistas de codificación diarias GRATIS: 📷 Descubra cómo puedo puede construir un negocio de más de $ 1,000,000 en YouTube: 💵 [LIMITED TIME] Obtenga 2 acciones GRATIS en WeBull (deposite $ 100 y obtenga 2 acciones por valor de hasta $ 1600): 🛒 Mi computadora / equipo de cámara: 🎉 Fiesta: Divulgación: Algunos enlaces son enlaces de afiliados a productos. Es posible que reciba una pequeña comisión por las compras realizadas a través de estos enlaces. #techlead.

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  1. Join me at for daily coding interview practice. And to really fast track your career, join me at for interview training with Live sessions. The website I referenced for job searches on Hacker News is​/

  2. What are the best paths for a person who likes math and algorithms?

  3. Thanks, man you are doing an awesome job.

  4. Great video, thanks

  5. its so weird him giving advice instead of the straight up roasting xD

  6. I don't know what should I do even if i tried Python C++ and get sooo much in C# but dont know what to do with C# or any info learned(who wants to cry w me or give me advice how to start web?

  7. Thank you very much for this wonderful advice. Now I know which stuff to tackle first.

  8. Great content!

    What career path/stack is the most in demand and relevant in 2021 and moving forward with biggest salary?

  9. Which one to choose Android or ios?
    Which one is less of headache ? Which one required less effort and brings maximum results ? I just wanna get a job (good $ and status)& have more time to work on my side business !

  10. That’s a cool jacket, where can I get one?

  11. I think one day things will be backward. The techlead will deliver his message during the quick pause, the rest of the video will be dedicated to skillshare,, dailyinterviewpro… I think that's probably the ultimate goal of The Techlead to maximize profit

  12. game development is hell. at least from what I've been told.

  13. my dream is to become a software engineer. which language is the best for software engineer?

  14. Start to think… I am ABAP Backend developer 🙂

  15. Another GREAT video. Thanks Techlead.

  16. you should join Gojek Indonesia's ride hailing company. They would be glad to help you out and would be great to have your expertise in the indonesia market.

  17. Is this guy like a tech lead or something?

  18. What about building mac/pc applications like Microsoft excel or Adobe photoshop?

  19. 0:25 actually yes, you do, and it’s called “federated learning”

  20. Usefully app like "twitter"

  21. Wait is he a tech lead?

  22. dude giive advce for how to be outtstanding as a computer science student for the coporate world

  23. thanks a lot for your video's. I realy do appreciatie your advice and honesty in your video's.

  24. Hey, are you still alive?
    can you help me decide, should i pursue software development instead of software support?
    thanks a lot.

  25. I've been developing games in unity using C#, but I didn't hear you mention C# at all in any of these roles. Is my C# knowledge useless for transitioning to a Mobile Engineer Role?

  26. Does SRE get paid more than SDE?

  27. Why are you drinking thea? This is confusing i always see you drinking coffee.

  28. software engineering is not just web development and data engineering. its literally software development not web apps development. Imagine a group of people who write software for mechanical engineers. electrical engineers. computer applications and softwares for new designed devices.

  29. How to get a job in Facebook apple Google what to learn where to start

  30. damn no offence but you sound like a computer too lmaooo

  31. Good point! It's easy to fall into the trap of trying to learn EVERYTHING.

  32. I searched with the phrase "pure garbage", TechLead comes in the first few search results. 🙂

  33. can you look into American public university BS degree cybersecurity vs pennstate online software engineering ? What is pros and cons of each

  34. I have a question, I'm new to programming but I'm interested to making my own app, but before that I need to make my own mvp (minimum viable product) through a website. My question is can I learn both full stack and mobile development or I can only choose one to learn and be specialist at it?

  35. Can give us some insight on DBA roles? Outlook in 5 to 10 years? Employer expectations vs reality? Salary and benefits? Is Data engineering technically the same as DBA? 🤔

  36. A combination that’s unheard of 😂😂

  37. I am watching your vlogs this year, I learned many things from your vlog. I was also fired from a software IT company. I am now still hoping and praying to achieve to my goal, to become a software Engr. I used to study coding every night.

  38. Thank you very much
    I was mess up and depressed and so confused before watching this video

  39. Your host, the tech lead, the tech lead 🤣🤣🤣

  40. I think you mean "Career Paths for Software Engineers and how to navigate it (AS A MILLIONAIRE)"

  41. I STARTED PROGRAMMING IN THE 70s and now my son just graduated and he worked with IoT Research for his school as contractor. His contract is ended at the end of the year. We both have Linkedin profile.

  42. He is the tech lead 0:00

  43. Php as backend? This was definitely 2019

  44. What about apps for Windows? How do I get into that or is that not a thing?

  45. What about GPT? Will it takeover our jobs?

  46. Excellent video sir. You just solidified my role in Web Full-Stack engineer. Why spread your focus on many languages when you can study and practice your skills in that specific role and be the best at it. Thank you again.

  47. Whats the opinion on cyber security?

  48. I think Machine learning will eat everything, as some systems can perform web development too at some extend. Perhaps, atleast Machine Learning isn't just 10%, its much more and vast in business & development.

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