Transfiere datos de Android a iPhone con Switch to iOS #shorts

Más consejos sobre cómo transferir datos de Android a iPhone: Antes de comenzar: 1. Instale la última versión de Move to iOS en su Android. 2. Restablecimiento de fábrica del iPhone de destino. 3. Conecte su dispositivo a la red Wi-Fi. Nota: La transferencia de datos usando Move to iOS es solo entre un teléfono Android y un nuevo iPhone. Por lo tanto, para transferir sus datos de Android, primero deberá restablecer de fábrica su iPhone. Así es como: en su dispositivo iOS, vaya a Configuración – General – Transferir o restaurar iPhone – Borrar todo el contenido y configuraciones – Borrar ahora. Una vez hecho esto, puede seguir los pasos de este video para transferir sus archivos de datos de Android a iPhone. #androidtoiphone #androidtoios #iphone #apple #pantalones cortos

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20 comentarios

  1. Did you could transfer your apps such as social media;

  2. will it be sorted as albums?

  3. Can you still do it even when your already done downloading everything thing on your phone

  4. I'm not receive one time code i do two time reset but still not received

  5. What about transferring apps from a broken android phone to a new
    android phone

  6. What about the apps/games?

  7. It work for Huawei tablet to Ipad?

  8. Time remaining: estimating…

  9. Does this work on games as well?

  10. Can it be done after setting up the iPhone?

  11. Will it go to iCloud or to iphone memory?

  12. does this process consume data.

  13. While transfer do we need internet??

  14. When you have to move the SIM card? Before or after?

  15. Can we transfer the WhatsApp data from android to iPhone?

  16. What about the apps…do they get transferred to?!-

  17. Thank you my mom is buying an iPhone and I was going to help her transfer the data
    (This was edited cause I spelled data wrong)

  18. could you please do it for iphone to android

  19. My stops on authenticating and after so many attempts doesn't go ahead

  20. Where you find the apps and data

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