Tinta electrónica en Android. ¿Qué puede salir mal?

Huawei MatePad Paper es una tableta de tinta electrónica que ejecuta HarmonyOS, que es una versión modificada de Android. Es a la vez maravilloso y extraño. Aquí hay una mini-revisión! #pantalones cortos

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  1. Man, it's just not true. The issue is with this specific device, not all Android based e-readers are that bad. Try Boox Android based products. Those are just way better than limited eink e-readers!

  2. first of all…Huawei isn’t full Android, yes. but that doesn’t have downsides. Just sideload an APK of the app you want. (also Kindles don’t have Play Store either).

  3. Get an Onyx Boox

  4. I think they use their OS as a starting point.
    I wish I knew more and could help them pivot it away into an e-ink optimized system.

  5. this is a piece of shit device. you have other better choise for eink devices.

  6. Huawei. LOL

  7. Do not buy Huawei. Do not support CCP.

  8. Good Try tho. Can't imagine apple doing that shit.

  9. love my onyx! I think e-ink on an assistant-enabled, well-supported, smart watch is going to be a game changer.

  10. You are biased against Huawei

  11. Welcome to youtube shorts

  12. Thanks – great review. What audio recorder is that?

  13. just adding a so at the end could have gave u a slick loop

  14. I remembered I successfully installed the Kindle App on one of the demo Matepad Paper.

  15. #Apple box universe thery

  16. I own both an Onyx Air and Onyx Note Air. Solid devices, google play available. Excellent build quality.

  17. How do you deal with Hwawei spyware?

  18. Mmm, so some one made a product this good. Yet we find problems in it that just takes 1 extra step to solve. This is not how we should live.

  19. Hey it's not andriod. It's Harmony OS

  20. It's a shame one cannot sideload an Alternate app store… Oh wait, we can since that is an Android device lol who would've thought.

  21. the onyx boox tablets are better, their os is made ofr the tablet so it has like 2 or 3 months of no use power, the pen is pressure sensitive and their os is made for it since this is all they do. Also they give you the option to download google play store, but they also have their own, it is as restricted as a real android tablet, but it is eink. Unfortunately it is eink so it still has a slow refresh but that isnt a huge issue.

  22. Even at 60fps e-ink still gets you better battery life.

  23. Fulm-Maker??? Phone*

  24. Boox note air 2 is pretty beast

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