Terraria Mobile & Console 2020 Noticias / Actualizaciones [PS4, XBox One, Switch, Android, iOS]

Terraria Mobile & Console 2020 Noticias / Actualizaciones [PS4, XBox One, Switch, Android, iOS] — ReLogic ha publicado algunas actualizaciones sobre el desarrollo de Terraria para Nintendo Switch, PS4 y XBox One, así como versiones móviles de Terraria para dispositivos Android e iOS. Publicación de estado del juego: Video de noticias de Terraria: Video tutorial de Terraria: Los 20 mejores videos de Terraria: Tutorial de Terraria superior: Sitio oficial de Terraria: — La música tiene licencia a través de Artlist.io (Este video usa audio con licencia Creative Commons: por licencia de atribución 3.0

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  2. switch should stay 1.3 for nostalgia purposes

  3. Can a mobile player play with a switch player?

  4. The phrase best year yet as aged extremely poorly

  5. "and even more excited about what could turn out to be the best year yet"
    xD one year later

  6. I just want cross play

  7. Can you play swit with x box friends?

  8. 1.4 came out on mobile 5days ago

  9. Does terraria have a crossplay platform?

  10. Did it released?

  11. Quick question can a pc player play with a ps4 player? My friend wants to play with me he had ps4 I got pc I wanna know if we can cross play

  12. Is cross play available between Xbox one and ps4?

  13. Can mobile crossplay with ps4

  14. Can mobile play with switch?

  15. So can you crossplay with Xbox one and PS4 as of right now ?

  16. Can terraria crossplay with other platforms? Like pc, xbox and mobile

  17. Can ps4 and Xbox crossplay and if so how?

  18. I'm trying to find out the release date of journeys end on Xbox one

  19. I wish Xbox and pc can join each other

  20. Imagine not having a pc

  21. Can mobile play with console?

  22. Hey all, right now nrlp isnt feeling well and is taking a break from youtube so you guys shouldnt worry.

  23. does anyone know if mobile and ps4 will ever be able to crossplay

  24. So can ps4 play with xbox

  25. Does anybody want to start a multiplayer world on switch?

  26. I'm still waiting until the king comes back

  27. we miss ya!

  28. Meanwhile me on switch WHEN WILL I GET MY YOYO

  29. Anyone know if switch can cross play with ps4

  30. Where are you now????

  31. Your not making a new vid?

  32. Does anyone knows if you can cross-play on the Nintendo switch w pc??

  33. Where’d you go😐

  34. i swear if ps4 decides too pull the HELL NO SHIT. i will be greatly disappointed

  35. Is mobile update upgraded to the same version of PC ps4 n Nintendo or just the fuction controller n a little bit update??

  36. Come back nrlp

  37. Do y'all think mobile will be cross-platform with consoles (most likely Switch)?

  38. Why is terraria mobile not updating anymore its getting booring

  39. Why do mobile need controller support? I personally have never used one

  40. So, will the “Protect the Crystal” thing be released soon?
    (With mobile?)

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