¡T-Mobile C Band está sucediendo! 5G UC y N77 🔥¡SÍEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHH!

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21 comentarios

  1. I wish they would put / enhance more towers around the Nashville Airport service is terrible

  2. Any N77 coming to the Houston market Sneed? My regular S22 can pick up N77, right?

  3. So we're all going to rush out to grab a new phone that supports n77 ? Great. Thrilling. 🙄

  4. Wasn't T-Mobile talking smack about c-band? Hypocrites!

  5. Sneed something happened in my town and I'm now getting 1gig seeds! How can I send you this screenshot?

  6. Nice walk through, TMO serves me on A2: L700, L600, N600, L1900, L2100, G1900 and on A3 L2500 only. Still waiting for N41 and N77. They shutting down G1900 soon?

  7. T-Mobile can not deploy 3.7 GHz c-band until Dec 2023

  8. So regarding the antenna model, the letter is just the revision of the 6449. for the DoD 3.45ghz spectrum the antenna model is the 6419 from Ericsson.

    Also, the g1900 is for gsm, meaning tmobile. Like the "L" is for lte and "N" is for NR

  9. The D in the end is the revision version of the antenna . The 6449 B77 can only do 3.7 GHz no matter the letter at the end. The 6419 is the antenna that can do 3.45 GHz. B85 is the full Lower 700 MHz band 698 – 716 MHz.

  10. Super excited for this. I have N41 on my local tower sight, but only N71 reaches my house for my T Mobile Home Internet connection. Wouldn't N77 and C-Band travel further Sneed Man?

  11. I'm glad t mobile got 3.45 ghz in major cities in NC. Hope they start building it out soon

  12. Hope they carrier aggregate cband with n41

  13. Sounds like gamma not g. I don't think the type face holds γ same for the d being δ

  14. Now they got to come back up to every tower they put n41 on to add C-Band.

  15. Only a 45 foot rad center that's low

  16. That's an old Sprint site being upgraded.

  17. The B85 mentioned is actually B12, T-mobile's A block 698-704Mhz.

  18. Definitely for testing as T-Mobiles C band is the C block (4.2 GHz). That will clear end of next year. No 6419 panels for DOD just yet.

  19. How can I get that info in my area that your showing on this video

  20. They upgrading the 5G and Ultra capacity in my area Massillon Ohio

  21. I live in the country now on my services got been getting a lot better lately they’ve done some upgrades in Michigan on some of the towers around me and before they did the upgrades I wasn’t getting very good connection in the house because our house is built into a hill and I can make phone calls in a back bedroom to cement walls i’m 6 1/2 miles from any city or more takes me like 20 minutes to get to Schoolcraft Matawan in Michigan really good

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