Snake Game con Android Studio – Parte 1 – Crear un mapa

Seguro que todos conocemos Snake Game, ¿verdad? un juego en nuestra infancia ^^. En esta serie de tutoriales de Android Studio, te mostraré cómo crear este juego con Android Studio. En primer lugar, vamos a crear un mapa. Enlace de descarga de imagen: Enlace de descarga de sonido: Si no entiende, por favor pregúnteme ^^. ¡Dale me gusta y suscríbete para apoyarme! ¡Gracias!

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  1. Thank you for this video. I learned a lot from your tutorial. Can I ask some questions? How did you choose w, h, and the number 75 of sizeOfMap?

  2. Hi,

    i m trying learning Android Studio + Java right now.

    Do I have to memorize all this to understand it?
    Or do i have to understand it so i dont need to mamorize that? 😀

    Is learning Programming like learning vocabulary?

    Im far away from building the map of a simple Game just like Snake ..

  3. this kotlen or java ?

  4. Mine only says 'Hello world' when testing it!

  5. pls use voice in video

  6. Amazing video u deserve more likes

  7. I can't download the file's to my computer I need help anyone please 🙁

  8. i can't download the source code and image and sound. plz help.

  9. Can u explain what exactly the part of code do in this video.?

  10. Thanks for the awesome video !!!

  11. plz can you make tetris game on here plz

  12. nice game….it has no pause feature….can u add that.

  13. Hello, again)
    I suddenly have a problem with your code… And, i need your help with one moment

  14. Hi! Thank you for your video! Aaaand id like to know if can you give link to your code?

  15. plz make a sudoku game plz sir

  16. thank you for your videos, you are helping me very much with my android programming classes

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