Samsung ONE UI 5.0: la nueva función hace que su teléfono Samsung sea más fluido y rápido

Esta función hace que su teléfono Samsung sea más fluido y rápido automáticamente. Solo disponible en Samsung ONE UI 5.0 con Android 13. ————— SÍGUEME EN REDES SOCIALES —————— Seguir en twitter: Sígueme en Instagram: Sígueme en Facebook: Mi sitio web: Las empresas pueden enviar el producto a la siguiente dirección: Attn: SAKITECH 135 S Springfield Rd. Unit 681 Clifton Heights, PA 19018 Descargo de responsabilidad: Esta descripción o comentarios en este El video puede contener enlaces de afiliados de productos mencionados en el video. Si hace clic y compra, recibiré un pequeño soborno para ayudar a que este canal crezca sin costo alguno para usted. FTC: Todas las opiniones de productos son verdaderas, honestas y mías.

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32 comentarios

  1. This feature was back in One Ui 2 or earlier but manual. I think they should've given manual option too so it restarts when I want.

  2. or just get a phone for 360 bucks, root it and have better performance

  3. One ui 5 was supposed to come out yesterday in canada for bell but I still haven't gotten it

  4. Doesn't work properly, neither does auto scan. Samsung has better hardware but basic software things are complete garbage. I love my Samsung but zero doubt they get spanked by Apple in basic concepts

  5. I also using my Galaxy A13 android 13 one ui 5.0 when I needed to run smoothly better performance

  6. How / when will we get OneUi5 ?

  7. My 22 Ultra after getting one UI 5 sometimes shows memory full. Only 8 GB storage which is full and then I have to restart it. Does anyone face that issue? And what should I do?

  8. Not fantastic idea.

  9. If the phone needs to be restart, it means that the software isn’t optimised.

  10. 1: this feature is already present in One UI 4.1

    2: idk why everyone in the comments saying you'll miss your alarm. Alarms work even in lock screens, some phones (even the old Nokia phones) also ring alarms when the device is switched off😑
    Do you guys need wifi or something to use alarms?!!

  11. So they are going from 4.1 to 5.0🤔

  12. Um, no I don't want to sleep through my alarm which I have set using the clock app

  13. I'd rather restart manually. You never know if you'll need the phone right when it decides you're not gonna need it any time soon.

  14. Notifications will be gone?

  15. They should disable GOS

  16. Colour OS is very smoother than ONE UI but i personally love ONE UI…

  17. Ive scratched the screen…its not bad enough 2 get a whole new 1…but still pretty visible…tried the toothpaste thing ☹️…any other ideas?

  18. If you have alarms set and it restarts during the night, will it be stuck on the password screen and NO alarm will be sounded?

  19. I ain't got it yet but looks cool.

  20. This was already an option.

  21. This feature is already available in a51

  22. Did they fixed gaming problem?

  23. It is schedule in my phone to do this every 4am since i buy it😂. I explore my phone when it does a new update. I like your videos

  24. Me using 3.1 but watch the video

  25. Nothing new this guy keep on posting old stuff

  26. What about if I have an alarm set @sakitech?

  27. Auto restart not new for samsung

  28. already this is there in my 2yrs old note 9. this is not new

  29. Why the feature is not on by default 😕

  30. A feature that you have to turn on to make your phone run well…. Shocking! How about Samsung just make the phone run well to start with?

  31. Note 20 ultra android 13 update when it will come

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