Revisión del Galaxy S22: ¡el iPhone de Android!

El Samsung Galaxy S22 se ha consolidado como el predeterminado de Android incluso más que el Pixel 👀 Esa camiseta: tecnología que estoy usando ahora mismo: listas de reproducción de MKBHD Música de introducción: teléfono proporcionado por Samsung para revisión. ~

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  1. not sure why MKBHD has so much views. Not as detailed and funny as Mrwhosetheboss, rarely do any benchmarks, never make comparison on photos from another phone (whats the point claiming a picture great when u cannot see how others are bad??) The most hateful act was he tried to hide the 64mp telephoto is a digital zoom camera! (no way he didnt notice!)

    I suspect he can finish a video in 1 day.

  2. Man I miss those old phones with top and bottom bezels, no hole punch or notch, and easier to reach keyboard.

  3. The Suns comparison didn't age well

  4. I got the s22 just on Friday 11th and I got to say so far its a really great phone and yes the s22 ultra dose seem better but for someone with small hands the phone is perfect for me right now I have not found any issue with the phone the camera is really good watching videos is perfect and playing games is not bad at all and it feels comfortable in my hands so if u looking for a great phone with an awesome price the s22 is for you and plus I never been a fan of the s_pen I had a note and I hardly used the s_pen

  5. Wallpaper link please

  6. Does the Galaxy s22 and s22 ultra come with RCS (Chat features) automatically enabled, or do I have to enable it myself?

  7. Thank you, woman in the body of a man.

  8. The thuggery, basketball references in this case, detracts from this content. Nobody needs thuggery be ut crap of eap or basketball or BLM or ebonics.

  9. now im 9 and in two years i will get this before i watched this i went to a samsung store i saw s22 i was amazed i loved so when i will be 11 i will get thats why im watching this to see if it is good or bad

  10. The only reason Im not buying samsung is the battery!!!!

  11. Hi.
    Okay. I don't know, is it just me.?
    My s22+ ba3 drains likes f**k.
    Even on power saving mode.
    Like I go to bed with 100%, wake up the next morning and I am left with 75% to 80%.
    And I think this started after my one UI 5 update. Bought the phone April from Samsung Office and I have not opened the phone for any repair.
    Samsung S22+ Exynos. Nigeria, Africa.

  12. Bro wasn’t that 22 by Taylor?

  13. Android Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S22 Phone T-Mobile For The Apartment 308 Cutler Bay Saga Bay FL 33189

  14. This review is basically saying it's overall an OK phone, not good but good enough as the football teams u compare them to, this vid makes me not wanna buy it

  15. It reminds me so much of an iPhone tbh, the vibrant colors, the boarder of the phone, the bottom of it and how clear and flat the screen is, the s22 is truly the iPhone of androids

  16. Lol love the intro 😂

  17. Vibration motor is on X axis not for space saving. I think I felt like it's moving left while turing off radio button and moving right while turning on radio buttons.

  18. Hi Marques,
    Can u compare this to the iPhone 13 mini?

  19. Whats that colour variant of S22 ? (The Deep Blue one)

  20. Got this bad boy for myself, its the best upgrade ever.

  21. Imagine reviewing all these phones and still thinking iphone is that great 🤣
    You lost 80% of the populations trust

  22. Love Samsung but bixby needs to leave all android OS phones.

  23. No offence but the entire world watches your videos and at the same time not many countries know each and every NBA player or teams or matter of fact basketball 😅

    Again no offence to basketball but there were too many references

  24. And now i have Samsung S22 🔥😂 Nice Performance overall👌

  25. Google pixel 7 and Samsung S22+ which one is the best you prefer me to buy?………cause am a little confused 🤔

  26. if they make a smaller one like the iphone mini then ill consider going back to samsung

  27. Does anyone know what wallpaper theme he is using when he shows off the S22 here? Seems like a dynamic wallpaper in line with the time of day

  28. Why do even people like you review Android phones who are biased from roots ?

  29. This or iPhone 12?.😮 help me decide

  30. i have a 12 pro max i might switch to samsung, any recommendations

  31. Does the S22 support dual sim/e-sim? Looking to get rid of the iPhone but need that feature. Don’t want to go back to carrying two phones!!

  32. Time he spent talking about basketball💀💀💀

  33. Samsung Galaxy S22 series has a serious design flaw. Its interiors get stressed whenever pressure, altitude & temperature change even a little bit, especially in cold weather or in A/c rooms.

    As a result, both the speakers start crackling & distorting whenever we play any multimedia or any notification sound. There could also be other underlying problems that would occur due to these frequent physical changes inside the phone.

    Is there anyone else here who has faced similar issue or maybe someone from Samsung, who could spread some light on their company's yet another major blunder here?

    Or maybe someone who would be willing to take action against Samsung's negligence, or at least call them out for their large-scale botch?

    It's been only a month since I've purchased my device, and I started noticing sound crackling & distortion in speakers within the 1st week itself. When I contacted a Samsung executive, he advised that this could be a software bug, so I formatted it and the issue didn't occur for another week. Later, the problem not only returned, but it started happening more frequently (initially, it would only happen once a day and then, it would go away after a reboot or after removing the sim card tray). The Samsung executives are now suggesting that I should leave my month-old flagship phone with them for a few days or weeks, and they would return it to me after opening it and replacing some components. I mean, obviously, that's what a user should expect after buying a flagship device in 2022 from a Brand like Samsung, isn't it?

    I have been researching this problem on the internet, and there are thousands of real user reviews & complaints regarding this issue across the globe. Still, unfortunately, Samsung has not yet acknowledged this flaw, as this would be a huge blowback to their brand's image after the battery explosion embarrassment. Honestly, it's an utter disappointment when you purchase a flagship phone, worth INR 1 Lac/ USD800, and there has been such a major failure in its R&D and pre-release technical testing.

    This is my 2nd Galaxy device ever, and in my personal experience, Samsung devices in 2022 continue to be unpolished beta versions of some random Chinese phone brand. Even companies like LG, Huawei, Pocco, Xiaomi, etc. have done better homework before selling a phone under their "flagship" banners. And at this point, comparing Samsung with Apple or OnePlus would be unfortunate at best.

  34. What theme is that?

  35. idk about you

  36. I am really confused between the S22 and the iPhone 13 (regular). Both of them are neck and neck with each other… Please give a few suggestions

  37. I've been considering S22 but what is with all the terrible online reviews complaining mainly about poor batter performance?

  38. I pre-ordered the Ultra at launch; used it all summer long, then ended up getting the S22 the other day on a whim – I wish I had went with the S22 from the beginning instead of the Ultra!!!
    I was hesitant to 'downsize', after having a Note since the 'Note 2' – but loving the smaller form factor. The Ultra has been retired to my 'drone phone' and a back-up now.

  39. What wallpapers are he using in this vid on the phone

  40. love how 22 is playing in the back

  41. Seriously astute review. Thank you for posting. The more you can talk about the Samsung S22 line-up individually by type, the more I will watch. Too many covering "S22 phones" when I search. Want to see you show up when I type a specific phone. All the same, thanks for your time to post this! So helpful.

  42. i appreciate the intro song choice

  43. What color is the dark one? Is that green or blue?

  44. I brought without watching this 🥹hurts" but it's worth in watching from s22 😂

  45. Still it shows Tweeter for android lol

  46. What colour do u have???


  48. Don't bother so much is good with the phone….BUT the battery dies by 2pm and I don't play games or watch YouTube during the day. Just opening for messages and emails and regular phone calls. It's not a phone.

  49. This is exactly how I feel about my S20 FE 5G. Cheap? Yes. Is the camera good? Yep. Battery life? Pretty good. Proportions? Good. Screen? No complaints. It doesn't blow me away but I don't want/need it to. I love this phone because it fills everything I need in a phone, without costing me over $400. I really miss the S Pen though so I might pick up the S22 ultra when the S23 comes out.

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