Revisión de Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 y Watch 5 Pro: el mejor reloj Android recibe una actualización modesta

En general, el Galaxy Watch 5 no es una gran actualización, pero gracias a las funciones de monitoreo de actividad y salud continuamente capaces y una interfaz fácil de usar, el último Samsung sigue siendo el mejor reloj inteligente con Android. El Watch 5 Pro de Samsung, orientado al aire libre, no es muy diferente de su contraparte. Además de una pantalla más grande, una batería más grande y un vidrio más resistente, ofrece pocas actualizaciones en términos de aplicaciones en comparación con el Watch 5. Sin embargo, con su construcción robusta y el software de monitoreo de bienestar de la compañía, Watch 5 Pro es un excelente reloj inteligente Android para aquellos que no te importa usar muñecas grandes. Lea nuestra historia completa en Engadget: Obtenga más Engadget: • Me gusta en Facebook: • Síganos en Twitter: • Síganos en Instagram: • Lea más:

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  1. I need this one. My Active 2 and gen3 are outdated and the battery wont last my whole shift if all of these are on.

  2. Your voice is so calming; awesome! – 😴

  3. More useless junk that nobody needs

  4. There's something nice about the way you talk 😅😅

  5. I like the curvature of your underside

  6. Stop being cash DRIVEN!!!! be realistic… everything has its ups and downs……UR GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Make a watch that do video calling I can't wait for that I hope samsung see my post we need that as the people…….that part

  8. Great review. I had the four but the screen went bad. I bought the five but sad to say it is a battery guzzler. I hope as I recharge it several times it will get better (wake up sort of)

  9. Why is battery life such an issue for some people? I charge all of my devices at night every night as long as my stuff gets through the day I'm good

  10. No rotating bezel. No Tizen. No Samsung.

  11. Gotta check Flossy Carter for the best smartphone, smart watch and tech reviews.

  12. I was going to get one to design custom watch faces… Can't do it now. No reason to buy it. Features disabled on my non Samsung phone. Plus Samsung I find your buy page with trade in very deceptive.

  13. I may be a dreamer – but I really think these could take off substantially if you didn't need to charge them all the time. If you could go at least a week – I think that would be the sweet spot. Especially if you want the sleep tracking info regularly.

    By the way: you need to get more sleep. YIKES!

  14. I'm cool keeping my Galaxy watch for. I'd like to get the pro but I'm not giving up the bezel

  15. please stop givin this type of reviews to woman, always complaining about the size.. of course its gonna look big or uncomfortable in ur tiny wrist like wtf?!?!

  16. im going from the first galaxy watch to the galaxy watch 5. im excited!

  17. Hey does anyone know if there are differences in battery life between the Bluetooth and LTE models (on the pro). I currently don't really need the LTE model but I thought it might be worth it to spend the extra money to have access to that feature in case I want to connect it to my plan in the future. I know in years past the LTE versions of watches typically had poorer battery life even when just using it on Bluetooth mode. Is this true for this interation?

  18. while the scrolling bezel is a great seamless design choice, it’s not so good for a user interface

  19. This review is so bad! I stopped watching.

    @Thao Huynh review is much better.

  20. Planning to purchase my first smartwatch. Should i buy this over apple watch?

  21. What’s the background song?

  22. It's gonna be used to track people's temperature for covid so it can send alert and you can be locked down

  23. Good review. I still have original Galaxy Watch. Works ok but annoys me I have to charge it every night and can't use it for sleep. Not a make or break but the battery on the Pro seems pretty appealing.

  24. Bought Galaxy watch 4 once in a life time, will never buy Samsung watches again even if they announced Galaxy watch 1000, . Such a waste

  25. I just want accessory companies to do more for Samsung like they do for Apple, so many options for the Apple watch but barely anything othe than bands for Samsungs.

  26. I just bought fold 4 and 5pro watch. They are amazing.

  27. Not releasing a Galaxy watch 5 pro classic with a mechanical bezel was a huge disappointment, its what made it stand out from Apple watches.

  28. Really good review and comparison

  29. Nice review, not biased at all.

  30. Err. Can you put some makeup and tone down yr fake lashes

  31. This is the best watch ever

  32. Don't buy this trash
    – Worst battery.🔋
    – Sensors didn't work well. 🤬
    – You can't pay with this watch. 😭
    – Customize works only with companion apps such as Watchmaker (not free) or Facer.😔
    – Samsung Tyzen OS with Google Wear has a lot of bugs. 👎
    – Straps is not good produced, and is painfull on you wrist, I've try it all. 🤕
    – Watch is not shockproof. 💔
    – It's Heavy. ⚖️
    – It's to pricy for all these problems. 💵

    I had a SGW 3 (45) and after buying, i sell it immediately, because it was a watch that i not expected, this 5 is maybe a upgrade, but the features are still the same.


  33. Using in conjunction with my S22 Ultra, I went from Watch 3 Classic to Watch 5 Pro and it has noticeablhy improved battery life (even with always on feature enabled this time) and more importantly a working ECG app which was very frustrating to use on the former. Too bad it still doesn't have the Blood Presure and now adding to the list, skin temperature features enabled.

    With my unfortunate experience with Samsung lately, I would recommend the watch if you lower down your expections down to "As-Is" from it. They wouldn't ship it to my work and I end up taking off work abruptly 2-days just to finally receive it at my residence. The clasp on the Sports D-band that Samsung requires you to bundle and pay broke within 4 days and both online and onsite local Samsung CSR could not help me. The former even wants me to ship everything back and order everythng back (with no more promotional charging mat) and deal with taking off work again just to receive it; it's just the band that's broken. Grocery shopping is not exactly an extreme sport and yet not a year, not 6months, not 1-month, not 1 week, but the Samsung band only lasted 4 days.

  34. hmm no mark on my arm at all 5 pro. 🙁

  35. I'd get it but it doesn't have a rotating bezel so it's a no for me

  36. Both watches look a bit dated.

  37. ESG and blood pressure still do work with non-samsung phones. hard to call it the best andriod watch

  38. Nothing special compared to the 4. Your buying a better battery.

  39. wat happen whn y hold yr bearth till blue purple or how bout whn yr on drugs would the watch know n type of drugs yr on … that be bad ass

  40. lol ECG scans… ok sure.. from your wrist

  41. Sorry but it's also better the apple watch.

  42. it gets close to 1 day juice? loool thats lame!! my 6 years old Ionic still lasts 4 days, so i guess i am not buying this overpriced not lasting watch

  43. Bring back the bezel! 😡😡😡😡

  44. You guys can buy these watches, I will stick with traditional watches,

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