Revisión de Philips The One 2020: un televisor Android 4K con muchas funciones

#Philips The One llamó mucho la atención el año pasado, y ahora podemos probar su sucesor para 2020, hecho con el mismo objetivo en mente: ofrecer un procesamiento de imágenes realmente bueno, Android y Ambilight en un producto bien terminado que para muchos usuarios buscar un televisor moderno puede ser exactamente lo que buscan. 00:00 – Introducción 01:22 – Diseño 03:06 – Calidad de imagen 05:33 – Ambilight 06:41 – Audio 07:21 – Funciones SMART, control remoto 09:02 – Conclusión #PhilipsTheOne #AndroidTV.

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22 comentarios

  1. Definitely considering this TV mainly because of the Ambilight feature as no other TV offers this visual experience.
    For those who own this TV what are peoples thoughts now? Are you still happy with your purchase?

  2. What would be the best picture style for this TV

  3. Is it available globally? Bcz when I searched online, it's only showing me for Europe.

  4. We are waiting 48' Oled!!!!Must popular TV diagonal!

  5. Hello
    Can the lights be set to stay on one coloure as im epileptic ?.
    Hope someone knows.

  6. How can i screen mirror phone on 65pus8545. Would like to use wireless samsung dex on it but when i tourn on smart view on phone to mirror it on tv model does not apear on phone

  7. hello (poor english, sorry i'm french)
    profondeur du pied svp ? sur le modèle TV Philips The One 65PUS8545 65’’ LED 4K UHD Smart TV Ambilight Argent

  8. TV Philips The One 65PUS8545 65’’ LED 4K UHD Smart TV Ambilight Argent

  9. And sound is no1

  10. Nice picture quality

  11. Anyone who claim that the PUS8505 has a good picture must be literally color blind. Just purchased one, and now can enjoy horrible moreish looking HDR, which cannot be even turned off. Also this TV comes with just 8 bits panel.

  12. Which Model is That ?

  13. This TV has HDMI 2.0b ?

  14. 2:50 you say HDMI 2.0 but the specs say HDMI 2.1

  15. PUS8505, PUS8535, PUS8545 and PUS8555 "are all the same TV" with minors changes in the stand and remote control (the 55 has a keyboard on the backside of the remote)… I don't understand the significant price difference though (in my region: 8505 > 8555 = up to +$500.
    That seems a lot just for a better looking stand (and maybe a keyboard on the remote, only for the 8555 models).
    What do you think? Are they really "the same TV"?

  16. This intro, all i could thing about is the "Biffa Plays Indie Games" channel

  17. CM punks lost brother

  18. U got something very wrong it's 8bit frc

  19. Just got the PUS58 7855 and it is really outstanding..

  20. I have 75PUS7354 Ambilight. Love it with my Philips Hue system, 😍😍

  21. Does anyone know if this is HDMI 2 or 2.1?

  22. Does this tv come with Apple TV as one of the available apps?

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