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  1. hi informatica ke upar vedio banavo na please

  2. The video is full of "to yaar" word😅

  3. Please make a video on how can we make projects on blockchain 🙏

  4. Please provide me background sound

  5. BlockChain dedicated video Please 🙏🙏

  6. I was about to comment blockchain but there are many, so im already waiting for the video

  7. We want that block chain based video

  8. Ab yar ham inko kar sakte h
    Ab yar ham inko learn kar sakte h
    Ab yr hm
    Ab yar hm kya h bolu😀😀

  9. For full-stack projects, do we need to continuously pay for the database storage on the cloud? or how else we can keep our website active without paying.

  10. Please make video on how to make project on Blockchain

  11. Please make a video on block chain and cripto corensy

  12. di, can you make a video on block chain.

    Watch for quick placement 👆👆

  14. will you make block chain related video

  15. Didi thank you 🙂❤️

  16. thanks didi👌👍💕💖✌

  17. Likhna kya hai

  18. Please make a video on blockchain.

  19. 1. API based projects
    2. Portfolio based projects
    3. Full stack projects

  20. Ha didi hame bhi cryptography se related project banana hai.

  21. But if we are creating insta clone,fb clone then interviewer came to know that we are doing this from tutorial

  22. lol i'm in SY BCA And I Created Portfolio Website Firstly Muje Laga Ye koi Kaam Ki Nhi Hai But It Is Good For My Final Year Project😂😂BTW Thanks Ma'am For Information (I'm Also Going For Front-End Devlopment)

  23. Tank you Yaaaar ..

  24. Thek Hogaya Yar 😂 💕

  25. So mtlb ek resume builder
    Ek api based
    Aur ek full stack

  26. 99 times Yaar kio ban jao iska yaar YAAR iska BF nahi hai pakka😆😆

  27. blockchain ke upar bhi ek video banai plz

  28. Please upload a video related to block chain

  29. Block chain ❤️

  30. I started using"yaar" word everywhere which creates problematic situation for me😁

  31. block chain k liye mam pls video kare

  32. Aap yar mat bola kro… Video khatam ho jati hai 😂

  33. bro make the title in a different language if you are going to speak a different language

  34. How to make small project.. Please make video on that in detail..

  35. Full Stack 🔥

  36. using yr after every second word, sounds so unprofessional

  37. Ye dhruve rather ka style hai…

  38. Provide subtitles

  39. What about the students who are interested in Data Science and Data Analysis?

  40. Didi please mujhe bataiyae ki agar mein bsc maths mein karun aur sath mein coding bhi karun to kya mujhe coder wali internship milegi…..

  41. Can u provide a source code of corona program i.e API

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