Programar notificaciones locales Android Studio Kotlin Tutorial

Cómo crear y ver una notificación en Android Studio usando Kotlin. Aprenda a configurar un canal de notificación y luego publique notificaciones en momentos específicos. Creemos una aplicación básica que permita al usuario seleccionar una fecha y hora y programar notificaciones en cualquier momento en el futuro. Después de ver este tutorial para principiantes, debe tener una comprensión básica de cómo programar algunas notificaciones locales simples para su aplicación de Android. Ver el código fuente de la notificación: ⏱️ MARCAS DE TIEMPO ⏱️ 00:00 – Introducción a las notificaciones locales 00:39 – Notificaciones de programas XML 02:15 – Habilitar ViewBinding 02:24 – Receptor de transmisión de notificaciones 03:46 – Receptor de manifiesto de Android 04:04 – Crear canal de notificación 05: 07 – Programar notificación básica 07:23 – Corrección de errores 07:52 – Probar notificaciones # Kotlin # AndroidStudio #androiddeveloper

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25 comentarios

  1. shows error
    public constructor Builder(p0: Context, p1: Notification) defined in
    public constructor Builder(p0: Context, p1: String) defined in

  2. I dont understand for what do we create a channel – cant find any link between it and notification scheduling. My notification triggered even without it

  3. wow amazing, but how did you learn all that?

  4. I've jus discovere this channel and i loved so so much. Please keep continue to make tutorials. Some of us really need. Loves…

  5. Very useful tutorial. Thanks 😁

  6. This is not my first comment that I leave, but again I will say that the tutorial is really cool. But i still have one more question: as I understand it, you tested the code on the 8th version of android, but now on the 12th android this code works only in one case: if the application is open in the background, so when you close an application in recent apps, then there are no notifications.(the code is exactly the same as in the video) Is there a way to fix this, maybe using a Service or something like that?

  7. Hey can you suggest me how can I cancel the notification before it is live. Actually I am creating task manager in which user can schedule a notification for a task but if the user completes that task before the notification is shown then I need to cancel the it. So is there any way ?

  8. Awesome tutorial, but i have one question. Is there any way to do the same thing on Java?

  9. Excellent tutorial. Question.
    How can I get the pending notifications generated by the application and delete them?

  10. its working even app closed !! you're awesome buddy ,keep on :))

  11. if I want to schedule multiple notifications then how we can do it for ex first at 1 pm and second at 1.10 pm then it only shows for 1.10 pm, not for 1 pm

  12. this code is working when I am using in Main Activity but when I use this in other activity it did not work even there is no error in code

  13. great video thank you for your help and can you tell us how to open activity from these notifications

  14. Thanks man, excellent job! The code is working perfectly! Just as a feedback, you are talking and coding/clicking really fast. I had to put you on 0.75 speed and sometimes still had to stop the video to see what exactly you were doing. In comparison for other youtubers I often have to speed up the video to 1.25 or 1.5. So maybe for your future videos try to slow down a bit. Otherwise keep up the greate work!

  15. Do you know why notifications do not work for me when I close the application? And if I set 2 notifications, only the latter shows up 🙁

  16. Wow! Good, thats, what I need for my project!

  17. I cant import android.text.format.DateFormat.getLongDateFormat i wrote on import part but it says its unused.

    val dateFormat = DateFormat.getLongDateFormat(applicationContext)

    val timeFormat = TimeFormat.getLongDateFormat(applicationContext)

    this part gives error cuz of it and this part is gives error, when you hover over set text

    val calendar = Calendar.getInstance()

    calendar.!!!!!set!!!!!(year, day, hour, minute) i added exclamation marks to show you the part im talking about

    return calendar.timeInMillis

    on error it says None of the following functions can be called with the arguments supplied

    what can i do pls help

  18. Unresolved reference: ActivityMainBinding , Any solutions ?

  19. Hey, thanks for this tutorial, it was very useful. Just one question, is it possible to add an action (eg redirect to a certain app activity) when the user clicks the notification?

  20. Hi when I try to run my app, it keeps saying the emulator was terminated. I’ve verified all proper sdk tools are setup, not sure what my problem is.

  21. Hi, thank you for this tutorial. Can you maybe explain how we can get the notification to repeatedly popup every Monday and Tuesday every week at 8 am for example?

  22. What a wonderful tutorial, thank you for posting it and thank you for being fast and u explained everything really well. Short concise and to the point, love it. Liked and subscribed instantly, keep making more and if I could request something maybe make a quick tutorial for a recyclerview with a header. Cheers

  23. Hey your vid is very good. much appreciate it. but can you show us or upload the ActivityMainBinding class please? the class is not on your github and you didn't show it as well in your vid. thank you so much

  24. Java version?

  25. This boy is superhero ❣

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