Primero, mire las aplicaciones de Android en Windows 11, además de las aplicaciones de Linux, ¡ejecutándose una al lado de la otra! (más Xbox Cloud)

Primero, mire las aplicaciones de Android en Windows 11 Beta, además de las aplicaciones de gráficos de Linux, ¡todas ejecutándose una al lado de la otra! ¡Actualmente en el canal beta de Windows 11 Insiders! Blog

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  1. now we just need a win11 vm for the xbox and ill throw away my pc

  2. works only with CPUs with GPU built in them.

  3. Hi Scott
    I have a windows 11 preview Machine on Microsoft Azure and when I search for amazon appstore this error appears
    "your storage device is not supported for this product"

    Help me to resolve this issue or tell me the reason why this happens
    VM Specs Are 128GB SSD/8GB Ram /4 GB Intel Graphic/Xeon platinum 8171M 2.60 Ghz
    Waiting for your kind help
    Thank You

  4. Sir what is the name i mean the brand of your computer i mean pc you are using

  5. Mmm…Nice.
    I have such a question.Can a capture program running in linux take screenshots of the windows desktop?
    Or only capture from windows is possible?

  6. even though these android apps is still not running "natively" on windows, but for me, it is far more "nativier" than any victual machine or emulators. I can run android and windows apps side by side on a single device.
    this is what I dream of while choosing surface as the only laptop and tablet.

  7. looks like that at least 3d acceleration works pretty nice on WS for Android.. but how about WSL and especially 2d acceleration (h264/5)? The latter i do not assume

  8. what about windows subsystem for freebsd?

  9. Trying to get this data to proxy – do you have any ideas as to how this might be accomplished?

  10. This is what Microsoft should have done for ages. Windows becomes a platform for all apps. It would have been good to have Windows phone hardware with Android.

  11. RIP android emulators

  12. Hey Scott,
    When are they planning on taking the forced telemetry out of Windows (even in Pro there is no way to disable it fully, only basic mode)? These features are cool, but I don't think they warrant putting a root kit on my system allowing Microsoft to monitor each and everything I'm doing on my computer.

    The simpler (and much more open) way to do everything you mentioned is to just run Windows 11 in a VM (specifically using KVM with hardware pass through) with Linux as your host operating system. That way you can use these cool features only when you need them, and then shut down the forced spyware riddled operating system when you don't need Windows (which is basically everything but gaming).

    I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter, as I have done some looking and have not seem you comment on the forced spyware that Microsoft has started baking into the OS with Windows 10. Thanks!

  13. I think you should mirror your PiP video as a small enhancement. It feels a bit weird when you're facing right to pull a window into current screen and it appears from right to us.

  14. Video was okay but why are you whispering? Trying not to wake the newborn 4 feet away or what?

  15. Windows has become all in one OS and I like it more

  16. Anyone else having issues with screen flickering / lags while using Android apps? My PC is pretty (very?) decent, so that shouldnt be the issue 🙁

  17. Can we use this feature for development? I'm referring to not to use the Android emulator.

  18. Brilliant work, thanks to all the developers who made this happen

  19. Try running Windows app using Wine on Linux using WSL…….and the chain goes on until it becomes a potato PC

  20. Is windows 11 relativly stable. I n other words would it be safe to install /upgrade from windows 10 on my primary development system right now or would you wait?

  21. Windows 11, The One Ring to rule them all 😉

  22. Windows 11 is great as long as you don‘t use an AMD CPU or any kind of printer.
    Although printers are a nightmare on any version of Windows right now 😏

  23. Being virtualized I'd like to know if like some VMs has the ability to exchange with the host i.e. read and write files from the host to the Android app. Would be nice to finally have a fully functional Instagram on desktop.

  24. I’d love to see how many versions of the game Thumper you can get running simultaneously on your Windows 11 box. Thumper for Linux, Thumper for android, Thumper from Steam, Thumper from the Windows Store, Thumper on Xbox cloud, Thumper on stadia, etc. 😁

  25. So Android on windows does not use WSLg ? Is there a technical reason?

  26. This is the kind of thing that blows my mind. A few years back, this would be just a dream. MS has been doing amazing work around windows over the years, and as far I can see, windows 11 will be another hit. Thanks Scott for bringing this to us.

  27. You would better of using an android emulator

  28. Nice, say goodbye to lacky andorid emulators

  29. Hi Scott, it requires that Android app support x86 or also runs apps with ARM/ARM64 targets? I have NDK (C++) native app only with ARM targets, and debugging using Android ARM emulators is a slow pain, so we need to use physical devices for development & testing. Is Windows capable to execute it with a decent performance? I doubs that since running ARM instructions requires a qemu / hypervisor doing instruction emulation, and this task is slow. In the reverse coin, Apple Rossetta emulating the x86 instruction set into ARM is near native performance. I wish the same here, c'mon Microsoft 😉

  30. if i can actually debug my android apps using this i would change to win 11 in a heartbeat..

  31. Hey what is this cursor?

  32. Only a restyle update my balls…

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