¿Por qué Google no usa Golang para el desarrollo de Android?

¿Por qué Google no usa Golang para el desarrollo de Android? En el video de Golang de hoy, veremos por qué Google no usa el lenguaje de programación Go para el desarrollo de Android. Junto con eso, también hablaré sobre algunos antecedentes para implementar Java y Kotlin en Android y todo lo que necesita saber por qué Google no usó Go para el desarrollo de Android. ¡Que te diviertas! — Golang Dojo significa convertirse juntos en Golang Ninja. Puede esperar todo tipo de tutoriales, noticias, consejos y trucos de Golang, y mis luchas diarias como desarrollador de Golang. ¡Asegúrese de suscribirse si no puede esperar para recibir dicho contenido! ¡Obtenga su hoja de trucos de Golang! – Repos y notas de Git – Información de Golang – — #golang #goprogramming #golangdojo

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  2. i believe Go will dominate soon

  3. The biggest reason for Android not using Go is, Go is not JVM based language and cannot interoperate with existing Java libraries.

  4. Maybe Google is up to something. They are quietly working on a new OS like what they mentioned in the past Fuchsia OS and will just quietly step away from JVM. And perhaps Golang, Dart become the new standard of developing apps. Fuchsia is already partially coded in Go along with c, and c++. So Kotlin is just perhaps a temporary replacement to avoid asshole Oracle.

  5. Why then dart for flutter, not go

  6. Golang has won already in many areas it is heavily used in blockchain, DEVOPS and mostly backend stuff let android be its thing

  7. Hi, thanks for the video. So in July 2022 there is still no way to build mobile apps on Golang right?

  8. Android was not created by Google, they bought it. Android predates Go. Two good reasons why Android isn't written in Go.

  9. Hey can you drop a video for GoLang with Socket <3

  10. Rust for Android

  11. also thanks for not being an a**hole asking us to press the like button 1000 times like Graham Stephan channel, I already pressed it

  12. I was literary asking myself this question, thanks for taking the time to do the research

  13. Can I use Go for wasm to write VR games with three.js or A-frame? 😀

  14. More interested into why they wouldn't use Dart along with their own IDE instead of using Kotlin (by JetBrains) and the IntelliJ IDE (which is all but a requirement for programming in Kotlin — and it's what android studio is 'based' off of… i say 'based' because it's almost identical at first glance/use). They have what seems to be a very successful alternative to both the Kotlin language AND the multi-device platform (in Flutter), yet they go with Jet Brains' proprietary tools and JB's programming language instead…..

    Why not Go is a good question. Why not Dart (without knowing TOO much about Dart and flutter) seems (to me, atm) to be a MUCH more interesting question. If there's something I'm overlooking/missing here, please, shoot me down. I'd love to know why it wouldn't work (or is fundamentally different?….)

  15. What is this way of talking … This is so distracting and annoying… Speak normally.

  16. To create a wheel to compile code from Golang to JVM Bitcode?
    Maybe someone already thought about and began to work on something like that, but obviously not achieve to Beta.

  17. I have worked as a Go developer for the last 4 years. I can tell you a lot of good things about it, but I'll narrow it down to a single thing. Go is easy and comfortable. I witness every day developer fighting the Kotlin, C# and Java compilers and tools. Always having criptic errors, weird bugs and overall awkwardness of the code. So any time they are gaining by using other more "complete" languages, they are immediately losing it by have to arm wrestle the projects every single day.

  18. I find JVM based languages horrible. I better program in Golang, modern C++ or Rust than Java, Scala or Kotlin.

  19. 1.What is the best golang project for beginner and intermediate to put in portfolio.
    2.Should I use TCP for creating chat server or websockets.

  20. Joke: It sounds like you took a long run right before making this video.. you are running outta breath.. 😁

    Big fan though.. thanks for delivering quality contents 🙏

  21. Google just announced that they're deprecating Go and building all their backend services in Rust

  22. Go was not developed for JVM, but for cloud. Kotlin was developer for JVM specifically. Android is based on JVM historically. Oracle accuses Google because of JDK. Use Kotlin instead of Java is an obvious choice. Perhaps. 😅

  23. Please work harder on your diction – it's very hard to make out most words.
    Especially pay attention to the letters when your tongue touches the palate (l, n, d, r) – most of these letters are like "swallowed" in your speech.
    These letters should sound sonorous, not muffled.
    Also don't swallow the endings of the words.
    And you can speak a bit slower – it's ok, we are not rushing)

  24. It's all JVM's fault
    Btw i cant decide between kotlin and go for the backend of an android app

  25. What's the name of the end music

  26. go will be the main language for the next mobile RustOs 😂, why not?

  27. So why dart over kotlin or go for flutter? Google sure love fragmentations

  28. The lack of generics is a desirable feature.

  29. Kotlin is not a Google "in house" language. Kotlin was invented by JetBrains. Kotlin is now the preferred programming language by Google for Android. However, it was JetBrains that invented it in 2011.

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