Por qué deberías aprender a desarrollar Android en iOS

¿Quieres convertirte en un desarrollador pago? ¿Quieres convertirte en desarrollador de aplicaciones? Ahora aquí está la pregunta. ¿Debería aprender el desarrollo de iOS? ¡Deberías aprender el desarrollo de Android! Cual es mejor ios o android? ¡En este video explicaré por qué deberías aprender el desarrollo de Android! ¡y por qué el desarrollo de Android es mejor que el de iOS! vamos a bucear

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  1. iOS is very easier than Android

  2. I tried both Swift and Kotlin. I like them both but found during my play time with both of them, I didn't like x-code, who designed that IDE? Android Studio isn't that bad but isn't the greatest either. Android Studio is confusing for a beginner. Also, UIKIT felt like a cookie cutter compared to CSS3 for JavaScript. I only have a little experience with both so this is my experience as a newbie. But over all when it comes to the style of the syntax of the language i enjoyed Kotlin more than Swift. I've been coding with JavaScript so the experience felt more familiar to me versus Swift. Plus I felt the logic of the Kotlin language just felt more intuitive and more aligned to my way of thinking.
    Question? Anyone knows how to get VSCODE to compile Kotlin? The terminal or compiler doesn't recognize the kotlin language.

  3. Good points. There are pros and cons with each. I am an Android developer, but honestly I can appreciate that with Apple's restrictions at least the api support is much more predictable, unlike Android where the manufacturer decides what to expose. Also, fewer device types to develop for and test.

  4. did not know about the fees for putting an app out there on IOS and android.

  5. Truth comes out at last. If you are doing some creative graphic designing stuff then Apple could be a choice except for that one should avoid Apple products (unless you want to show off that you are rich). Gotta say that hackers cannot simply hack your information in Apple because you are paying a lot of money.

  6. if you have a mac then you can become an IOS dev and an Android dev, if you have a pc, then become an Android dev first and once you save up get a mac and become an IOS dev – I think both path are great, for me its not really about the money, its about having fun on what you are creating 🙂

  7. just because u dont have android course on your channel dosent mean android sucks

  8. “Expensive”. $0.27/per day to have your product on one of the largest markets is too expensive? Wait until someone tells this guy what starting an average business costs.

  9. The problem is the same app will likely make more money on IOS. I have seen multiple developers say they quit development for Android because a majority of users do not pay for apps.

    If you plan on actually developing for a living, a $100 per year fee is likely nothing.

    The mac fee can be larger (unless you already have one from school), but let’s be honest, if you were making an incredibly powerful app, you would need a powerful PC. If you are developing a weather app,the Mac mini new is $700. You can get them on eBay cheaper.

    NOTE: if you have a Mac, then XCODE is free and you can learn for free, so the $100 only comes in when you want to publish to the App Store or fully incorporate CloudKit (which uses their servers).

    I think this needs to include a discussion more about monetization plans than just startup costs.

  10. Any course

  11. It's stupid that APPLE wants developers to learn objective C and swift is a pay-to-learn and creates apps and waits to be accepted by APPLE and be published in the App Store. I learned Swift and then gave up because "pay-to-learn" for $100 to publish apps is stupid. Creating apps and publishing apps in either GooglePlay Store or App Store should be completely free, I am not interested in mobile development.

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