Peligros de la tecnología 5G

Conozca los verdaderos peligros de la radiación 5G y lo que significará para su salud y sus seres queridos. La ciencia es clara, las frecuencias electromagnéticas (CEM) 5G causan un daño significativo a las células biológicas. La medicina natural es la única opción para encontrar formas seguras y efectivas de mejorar su salud y reducir la exposición a campos electromagnéticos. Obtener la información nutricional correcta no es tan fácil, así que escuche a un profesional holístico que se enfoca en toda la persona. Este video lo ayudará a informarse sobre los peligros de la radiación 5g y le brindará consejos para reducir su exposición. EBOOK GRATIS – ¡Sígueme para obtener consejos! – ACERCA DE ESTE VIDEO En este video, Simon Brazier analiza los peligros de la radiación 5G. Solo algunos de los artículos importantes a. Trastorno del sistema inmunológico por campos electromagnéticos: una posible causa subyacente de daño celular y reparación tisular reducida que podría conducir a enfermedades y trastornos … b. La estimulación de campos electromagnéticos de frecuencia extremadamente baja modula la autoinmunidad y las respuestas inmunes… c. Efectos combinados del tráfico y los campos electromagnéticos sobre el sistema inmunológico de mujeres atópicas fértiles … d. Síntomas específicos y radiación de estaciones base móviles en Selbitz, Baviera, Alemania: evidencia de una relación dosis-efecto e. La radiación de microondas de baja intensidad indujo estrés oxidativo, respuesta inflamatoria y daño del ADN en el cerebro de la rata … f. La radiación de microondas indujo estrés oxidativo, deterioro cognitivo e inflamación en los cerebros de las ratas Fischer… g. Exposición materna a campos magnéticos durante el embarazo en relación con el riesgo de asma en la descendencia… h. Efectos de la exposición a señales de estaciones base de telefonía celular GSM sobre el cortisol salival, la alfa-amilasa y la inmunoglobulina A… i. Estrés oxidativo inducido por radiación de microondas (2,45 GHz): efecto de la exposición de todo el cuerpo en la histopatología de ratas Wistar… j. Efectos de la radiación electromagnética de baja intensidad y muy alta frecuencia sobre la estructura de la cromatina de las células linfoides in vivo e in vitro … k. Nuevos datos para demostrar la presencia de efectos significativos de la exposición electromagnética (a cambios autoinmunes en ratas) l. Estudios de confirmación de la investigación soviética sobre los efectos inmunológicos de las microondas….

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  1. you're a tosser.

  2. OK Prazilex, run run, run, but I am sure one time you will stop, then I guess you: point to yourself inside and ask to your Subconscious (it is 95 %of what we are) "where am I running to?" And doing this you can discover you are not you, but 2 distinct persons, and this means one part of you will never have enough to run and it is newer arrived somewhere. I practice Meditation and reeducate my Subconscious, about this helps me Zen-Meditation and Bruce Lipton about rebuilding my subconscious. Wish you a good life dear friend! Namaste- My Bow to You!

  3. my answer to Prazilex: to go faster where? each day we are 190.000 people ore on this planet, was not better to faster become conscious of this? Our Earth grows not bigger when we not STOP our overpopulation! Meantime I remember you, WE are killing and destroying always more the Nature around us. OK, have good, better speed…….wish u all the best!

  4. Just because some technology uses microwave frequencies doesn't mean it's 5g. Apart from the obvious one (microwave ovens), wireless routers have been around for a decade. Before that frequency band was given over to routers, radio hams used it. Volumetric burglar alarm sensors using microwave frequencies have been around for 30 years or more. They use this frequency because the Doppler effect they work on is most pronounced at these frequencies. Airport scanners use millimetre waves… And so on & so on….

  5. Dynamic Duos News ALERT! Batshit crazy Robin! Great balls of electromagnetic fire Batman! No Robin its the bats! Oh my goodness gracious Batman its 5G stealth technology! Robin its time to go down to our top secret steambath & inhale deeply!

  6. 5g=China virus =Huawei

  7. could not have said it better myself 5G is going to be a real problem for the world it might bring a lot of Technology that's incredible but it also brings an awful lot of death 15% of people are EMF sensitive and that means an awful lot of death symptoms fever headache dermal layer problems are acclimation problems breathing issues vomiting these are the symptoms of non ionized radiation in large quantity which 5G will be necessary also it started in China in November 2019 look it up when did the problems begin and where follow it around the world do your own research don't listen to the media deleting you down the rabbit hole

  8. very good explns…

  9. I can't see why you say 50%? It's not going to work properly

  10. I thought our government representatives were here to listen to our concerns and serve their electorate and protect us from the harmful organizations that are bypassing legislation to achieve their goals? Silly me , I thought I live in a free , democratic Country. ??

  11. Cars are coming to roads near you and thousands of people are going to die from road accidents.

  12. Okay, and SO WHY THEY WILL produced 5GS technology while it is dangerous to our body is damaging.

  13. Well done you. Glad to see someone with the real facts . Its a real wake up call

  14. All papers displaying any kind of physiological effects, if you were to actually read AND understand them, show methodologies using very high intensities of ~mm wavelength radiation relative to those nearby 5G masts. You're using scientific data from incomparable studies to back up these "facts". Yet another person with very little knowledge in the subject area not fully understanding the evidence they cite.

  15. That's why all death certificates are saying Covid 19 cause of death, so no autopsy can be done!!!! Governments are still to figure out when and if their plans will be discovered, since after a few months all our radiation levels will rise, so it will look normal. Wealth people live in better built housing with thicker walls, poor areas will suffer most since loads of these 5g will be placed on council blocks, think about this!!!

  16. Reported for misleading the public

  17. 5g is 5th generation

  18. Great video! See how I got rid of my 5G Radiation Poisoning Corona-like symptoms. Naturally

  19. Please support the international appeal to stop 5G on Earth and in Space:

  20. Its deadly. see this vid at 30 min

  21. the satelites are actually high altitude UAVs

  22. I Wish I get a Time Travel Machine very soon before the lunching of 5 G. So I can go back to the 2 G Era.

  23. 5 G that Nonsense.I wish We Can Return To 2 G Only n Stay With it forever.What a beautiful World With 2 G Will be.Yes Time Travel To The Past.

  24. Me and my family need the 5G. Pls bring it on

  25. Everything you warn against has already happened as a result of the use of the internet and cell phones… Nothing new under sun! 5g is only going to perpetuate the problelem????

  26. Did you know that 5G caused out the entire populations of The Pacific States of America, Karzhegistan, Freedonia, The Congaree Socialist Republic, Republic of Altis and Stratis, and Zanzarim to get sick and there is a 25% death rate? There were 25,000,000 killed in these countries! Why is the media not talking about this? Pass this information on please.

  27. Hi Simon, thanks so much for sharing all this… Is the quote you mention at the end your own?

  28. It is NOt safe cause sickness to people n animals kills trees. DANGEROUS .

  29. Trust him , the 5g burned his eyebrows

  30. I think we are good with our 4G ….so we don't need that , they keep that for another planet.

  31. I struggle to tell the difference between English and Australian accents.

  32. Thanks a lot for this video

  33. There is not one single claim that this man makes which are true, well except for the crowd dispersal weapon which works to cause the skin to burn but requires insane amounts of RF and is not in any way similar to 5G (96GHz for a start). Never mind, I know you won't understand any of what I try to tell you, that is why you will be taken in by this idiot.

  34. y do I feel like this is related to covid19

  35. We all need to burn them down. Period

  36. No one should believe what he says

  37. Y’all not realizing that this 7 months ago

  38. 5g is about to distroy the government secrets and international unite people.

  39. 5G IS CRAP!!!!!!! ????????

  40. Lol people do your research, 5g can barely penetrate walls yet you expect it to brake down your molecular structure and cause cancer? ??‍♂️

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