Pantallas de recuperación de Android (2010 – presente)

Los teléfonos inteligentes Android tienen muchas pantallas y animaciones diferentes cuando están en modo de recuperación. Aquí hay un video que muestra algunas de estas pantallas de recuperación desde 2010 hasta el presente. Música proporcionada por Monstercat: PIXL – Sadbot ENLACES DE MEDIOS SOCIALES: Twitter: TikTok: Instagram: Discord: Patreon:

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41 comentarios

  1. ahhhhh the nostalgia

  2. 0:17 thats what i got i still cant fix it

  3. 1:29 is look like samsung A30S right?

  4. The recovery screen in 2015 (Samsung) I see when i just restarted, and clear all data

  5. I used to have a galaxy s3(maybe 2 idk) and I remember seeing that and thinking it was cool lmao

  6. the 2011 is nostalgic

  7. Похоже на Спонжбоба

  8. I feel older ones are cuteier

  9. I have my samsung galaxy s8+ (android)

  10. when things used to be fun and not modernized

  11. 1:11 My old Nokia C1 while updating the OS.

  12. Use samsung 2015

  13. I mean because the Android was a die Wi-Fi cheap opening the explosions Android she died

  14. First of all. I got that spinning thingy on my tablet and is cool
    Second. The Android upgrading in blue background with song is annoying. My mom haved that

  15. 2015 progress is my phone

  16. I've seen the 2021 progress screen as my Samsung Tab A displays it while updating.

  17. I remember the second one, I can't even explain how much this scared me

  18. i like 2010,2011,2016

  19. Android is faulty yay beacuse android bullies apple phones

  20. When I was younger I remember these screen because my mom bought me those crappy android tablets and the NAND would degrade quickly and I would see this screen, brings back good and bad memories at the same time (im referring to the 2011 one due to it running a outdated version of android)

  21. Yep i still hate the "we gotta make things simple so simple people understand it Even though it was Totally understandable and more cool before"

  22. Wait… That's a recovery mode? I thought my tablet was dead :(((( Well i dont have it anymore so it wont change anything

  23. The 2011 one was very creepy when I first saw it on my Tab 4 SM-T230

  24. My old phone ;(

  25. Why is the Android Mascot so adorable?

  26. If I've ever seen a 2011 no command screen on a phone I'm gonna be scared

  27. 1:25 I remember waking up and this happened to my phone

  28. Fun fact, you can get the screen to show on an iPhone if you hit all the buttons at once.

  29. 0:51 i want this as a bootanimation

  30. Android it's die Wi-Fi when out green robot

  31. The second one is weird ngl

  32. if you saw the crystal one on your parent's device you're a real one

  33. I Have a android/samsung

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