¡Pantallas de actualización de teléfonos inteligentes! (iOS, Android, Windows)

Según el teléfono inteligente que use, encontrará la secuencia de actualización del sistema operativo al menos una vez mientras usa el teléfono. Aquí hay un video que compara varias pantallas de actualización del sistema operativo como iOS, Android y Windows Mobile. Canción: Elektronomia – Sky High [NCS Release] Música proporcionada por NoCopyrightSounds Descarga/transmisión gratuita: Ver: ENLACES DE MEDIOS SOCIALES: Twitter: TikTok: Instagram: Discord: Patreon:

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36 comentarios

  1. Windows phone: BSoD but black with a nose A.K.A nosey BSoD

  2. But here has nele tem ANDROID…

  3. windows phone just be 😞

  4. isnt the android stock one the same screen you get when you factory reset your phone?

  5. get a new playlist is getting annoying

  6. Windows Mobile He was such a "no" good It was the operating system

  7. You missed EMUI 12

  8. 1:10Under what circumstances did this event occur

  9. Kinda sad he didn't include other android update screens

  10. Also windows mobile:

  11. Apple’s hasn’t been updated since iOS 7 (2013)

  12. E do robôandão Android …

  13. Eu sei. Mais vocês poderão ter seus iphones…

  14. he was so much for your support💪 of the most important thing is that you

  15. Microsoft "Windows Phone Failed"
    Windows Phone ":-("

  16. The iOS Screens are really modern and „beautiful“ 🙂

  17. Original iOS 16 update screen looks like MacOS boot screen

  18. You should add more versions suck as MIUI and HarmonyOS or smth

  19. I don't really like the new update screens, expect when android's update failure screen that just says Error! and I just discovered that that's where no command icon goes. Also I love the windows phone one, it's just funny.

  20. iOS update screens are just plain and boring but very minimal
    The most creative update screen is WP because when it updates there are the cogs spinning and when the update false it's just 🙁

  21. Why there's no Xiaomi in Android section?

  22. 1:50 Windows Phone update screen looks like an Windows 11 bsod

  23. I know why u recorded this at 500am bc in apple the updates are at 5:00 am😮

  24. Windows Phone be like: me sad 🙁

  25. like it

  26. The error thingy on Android is the things i remember when i accidentally entered on Recovery mode

  27. In oppo there is a update screen with broken english

  28. Android's update failure screen really just says "Error!" and refuses to elaborate. It's my favorite because of that

  29. Wİndows Phone > All

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