Paging con Paging 3

La biblioteca de paginación le permite cargar de forma gradual y correcta grandes conjuntos de datos, lo que reduce el uso de la red y los recursos del sistema. Así que lanzamos Paging 3.0 (ahora en alfa), una reescritura completa de la biblioteca Paging 2 usando corrutinas de Kotlin (pero aún admitiendo usuarios de Java) y ofreciendo las características requeridas, como un manejo más fácil de errores, más flexibilidad para implementar transformaciones de listas como un mapa o filtro y soporte para separadores de listas, encabezados y pies de página. En esta charla, veremos los componentes principales de paginación 3, veremos cómo encajan en la arquitectura de una aplicación existente, cómo implementarlos e integrar las funciones de paginación de datos más comunes. Recursos: Documentación de paginación → Codelab de paginación → Muestra de paginación → Echa un vistazo a 11 semanas del sitio web de Android → Listas de reproducción relacionadas: Android Jetpack – 11 semanas de listas de reproducción de Android → 11 semanas de listas de reproducción de Android → Suscríbete a desarrolladores de Android → Oradores: Florina Muntenescu #featured # android11 # 11 Semanas de Android.

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  1. I am using this.I have to add some other item in some positions. How can i add this item based on index not on the content of the item

  2. The Codelab is complex, really trying hard to understand what is going on.
    I have studied several codelabs and most of them were easy to follow, but this is the most difficult one

  3. This is easier?

  4. Attention, this paging library doesn't support firebase firestore for receiving realtime updates… oops!!!

  5. This is the way things should be explained

  6. why pagging 3 doesn't supported with firebase realtime database?

  7. facing this issue: Remote key and the prevKey should not be null

    Please help!

  8. Dislikes by cats

  9. Is it me, or has Android left us Java developers behind. (. _ .)

  10. This is deprecated already 🙄, cannot find a good tutorial 😔

  11. Its OK ,
    How to get If My response is false case like {status : false , message : "oops no data found"}

  12. Good library! How to unit test a Dao query that returns a PagingSource<Int, Model>? Is there any sample code available?

  13. Still alpha !! Wondering why it is taking too long for the beta version.

  14. looking forward to unit tests

  15. I feel that Android development is Extremely complex and is really aimed to Advanced users. Why is so hard to learn???

  16. Hi, is this library work in both directions. I want to scroll in upward direction in recyclerview. Normally ever where is using forward scrolling in which append function is used to add item in the end of list. Some how i figure out to know these functions. I found somewhere if we want to add item in top of list we want to use prepand function is there any tutorial for this or any sample code.


  17. The codelab page is currently offline

  18. Paging codelab not found, URL is broken

  19. To be honest I really do not like the documentation for this, especially the Java version gave me massive headache.

  20. Tested the codelab today…it was fantastic. Not only the listing part, but also the footer and header stuff was amazing. The built-in error handling stuff is also very helpful.
    I hope that soon we can also get rid of this ExperimentalApi annotation. But nevertheless, the Paging 3 API is awesome.

    EDIT: I wish your team could also tackle the Android Camera API stuff because building camera apps in Android is a pain in the a*?!.

  21. nothing about how to use headers

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