OpenCV Android Studio (procesamiento de imágenes de Android, biblioteca de aprendizaje automático de Android) – Aprenda OpenCv

OpenCV es una biblioteca de funciones de programación dirigida principalmente a la visión por computadora en tiempo real. Desarrollado originalmente por Intel, más tarde fue apoyado por Willow Garage y más tarde por Itseez. La biblioteca es multiplataforma y se puede utilizar de forma gratuita bajo la licencia BSD de código abierto. OpenCV (visión por computadora de código abierto) se puede utilizar para desarrollar aplicaciones de aprendizaje automático opencv y aplicaciones de procesamiento de imágenes opencv. Si alguien quiere apoyarnos, conviértase en un patreon: Nuestro otro canal, Suscríbase: Enlace a nuestro grupo de Facebook: Para cualquier pregunta o sugerencia, puede contactarnos directamente en nuestra página de Facebook: Para nuevas actualizaciones e información, puede seguirme en: Twitter : Facebook: Instagram:.

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  2. Hello

    I have a problem with connecting OpenCV with android Studio can you help me solve it, please?

  3. can I create image processing for android mobile application using openCV?

  4. You can narrate the video, but without saying the word okay all the time.. Okay?

  5. Hey what is that Object Remover app? Where can I find it? Do you have any idea where I can find it? Any article?

  6. Hope you gain Millions of subscribers ❤️

  7. Which programming language is he using to run opencv , is it java

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  9. Every coding cafe videos tutorials are very good

  10. Great video… I am looking forward to learning about openCV through your videos! Do you believe it is possible to use openCV to navigate a document? For example, eye tracking… if i look at the bottom of my screen, the document on screen will scroll? Thank you!

  11. i dont think this is of some use

  12. Will anything other than face recognition also work in this……?
    Like a pic a photo of the cricket batsmen who is just about to play the ball.

  13. Great ! Please we need tutorial on how to use OpenCV to scan any document PDF or letter etc…

  14. will face recognition also be included in opencv series? 😀 😀 😀

  15. the best teacher ever….

  16. If I want to create an app with my idea and how can u help me… like professional … and how it cost? please I need your suggestion

  17. Every video is watch and enjoy it,grow in my knowledge thank u sir

  18. please make this project

  19. That's great. Start the series soon.

  20. Great stuff sir…..Looking Forward to this sir!!!!

  21. Your the "INCREDIBLE ALI" . Always ahead of my expectations. Thank you

  22. Very nice mr Ali waiting for next video

  23. Plse make more video on opencv

  24. Sir are u going to make application on this….

  25. Gradle sync project is not work in android studio in my system.
    Clear this problems please. tell me bro

  26. Bro. SDK tools are not install in my system.

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