Opciones de desarrollador de Android TODOS los dispositivos Samsung | ¡10 características OCULTAS!

Las opciones de desarrollador de Android para todos los dispositivos Android son características ocultas. Estas opciones se explican para cada usuario de Samsung Android y Mike Sytes presentará 10 funciones ocultas. Con el Samsung Galaxy S20 FE y el Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Fantástico tutorial técnico. REGÍSTRATE AQUÍ: CONTACTO DE LA EMPRESA: mike.sytes2020@gmail.com Mi equipo: 👉 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Samsung S21 Ultra: Samsung S20 FE: iPhone 13 Pro Max: iPhone XR: Sony Alpha A6400 Cámara: Sony ZV-E10 Cámara: Sony ZV-1 Cámara: Panasonic Lumix GH5 ii: Panasonic S5 Full Frame: Zoom H4n Pro: Rode Video Mic Plus: Samson Q2U Mic: Blue Yeti Micrófono: Weeylite Ninja 400 ii COB: Weeylite Ninja 300 COB: Viltrox VL162T Luz LED: Amazon Conceptos básicos Trípode: Apple MacBook Pro: Sony 7506 Auriculares: DESCARGO DE RESPONSABILIDAD: Los enlaces incluidos en esta descripción pueden ser enlaces de afiliados. Si compra un producto o servicio con los enlaces que proporciono, puedo recibir una pequeña comisión. ¡No hay costos adicionales para usted! Gracias por apoyar este canal. Canción: LiQWYD – Whenever Music proporcionada por Vlog No Copyright Music. Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0 Unported Enlace de video: # 10bestdeveloperoptions #developeroptionandroid

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  1. Want me to show you how to have a little dot
    Too funny

  2. Great ideas 💡

  3. Note 5 Samsung is showing, developer option is not available for this user.pls any advice on what to do

  4. Ur so chill,keep it up❤💫

  5. I can hear it now. Soft Barry White music and Barry explaining . There's as special bond between a man and his smartphone 🤩.Every video I will hear Barry White explaining the wonders of the Galaxy S20 FE. 5G🤣🤣🤣.

  6. just noticed your channel now and i love your hype brother … Birdman Salutes you #KaKawww!!!

  7. very pricey phones….

  8. Excellent tutorial 👌, it really helped me understand developers options 😀

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  11. You know developer options have nothing to do with Samsung it's all android

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  13. Force dark mode option in developer options missed ??

  14. Down to earth instructions thanks 😊

  15. You a Real one Mike, Stay blessed

  16. Crazy how this has always been a thing since android released their software

  17. Bro I really needed a app to show me
    screen refresh rate but for some reason
    Those apps aren't available in my region
    Thank you for this.
    I'm waiting for your next great video.

  18. Dis guy kissing phones and saying Baby as referring to us … seething with envy I am

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  26. Another great video Mike! You are one of the chosen ones!

  27. Thank you for the quick video. Didn't realize I had the developers options turned off. Thank you so much for the information. Keep it going my friend.

  28. Mexican Fan over here.

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