ONEPLUS 8 PRO Android 11 ¡Primer vistazo!

OnePlus lanzó Android 11 Developer Preview 3 para OnePlus 8 Pro y nos dieron una pantalla siempre encendida. AOD está aquí para los teléfonos OnePlus y no podría estar más emocionado. Actualizamos la actualización (es muy fácil) para sumergirnos, mostramos no solo AOD, sino también el nuevo modo oscuro, fuentes, cambios en la interfaz de usuario, nuevas aplicaciones y más. Descarga la actualización aquí: #oneplus # oneplus8pro # android11 ​​____________________________________________ ¿Quieres patrocinar un video de Droid Life? Póngase en contacto: Síganos:.

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  1. What's that widget on the screen?

  2. i like OOS because it is clean with no bloatware, and fast like stock, some design changes wont affect me unless it makes the software bad. every one says its one ui, so what? if one ui is better than stock UI for one handed use, then so be it. infact you are getting that one handed usage of one ui with out the bloat of samsung, when i talk about bloat i talk about samsung app store+google play store, samsung notes+google notes, samsung calendar+google calender, etc not some easily removable apps. but they shouldnt have added them anyway.

  3. what about no more limeted time for 4k recording video on android11. or did oneplus take that away as well.

  4. Portland is a shithole btw

  5. His voice is a MUCH MORE pleasant version of Tom Arnold's! I like it!

  6. Good phone, everything works fast, but they can`t, for the love of god, make it wake up on notifications, like any other god damn phone on the planet. How hard can it possible be

  7. I'm sure someone has already asked but I cannot find it in comments…what is the battery widget he has right under the weather?

  8. I already had the dark mode toggle on my A10 6T. How is this a new feature?

  9. On the Pro, did they change it to the Stock Google Dialer?

  10. Nice going oneplus, looks like switching to Pixel

  11. is automatic call recording still available??

    as its removed from one plus 8t as its now Google dialer

    please reply..
    very important

  12. dont know between this phone or the Sony Xperia 1ii

  13. Is always on display coming for the 7T?

  14. Does anyone have that 1 plus nord wallpaper link

  15. Can anyone confirm if notification bubbles are included with OxygenOS 11? I'm pretty sure Android 11 includes bubbles for stock messages app and I was looking forward to that feature. Makes holding conversations while doing other things on your phone a lot easier.

  16. Guys I need help. I downloaded os 11 on my OnePlus 8 from internet. It was not normal system update I couldn't wait and did it. Now am worried cause my friends telling me it's not good and dangerous. Now can someone tell me how dangerous it is and if there is a way to fix it?

  17. oxygen os now polluted

  18. Oxygen One UI ,

  19. Bro Android 10 was better.

  20. Dark mode has been added by Google in Android 11 and not by OnePlus.

  21. Is there an automatic option for dark mode to coincide with day and night?

  22. Ew, you live in Portland.

  23. People with the op8 pro do you have/had wifi issues? Can you solve it? Does it make a difference with bluetooth on?

  24. I hate the font & I hate the weather app

  25. very good video ❤️️❤️️❤️️

  26. So is the Android 11 beta safe to download on a daily river yet?

  27. I wish I could have this phone.😔

  28. How did you get One UI running on the OnePlus 8 pro?

  29. All that always on display thing has to be personal preference bc I really don’t care about just more batter drain to me

  30. This is why iphone is the best when I open an app like weather I don't want half the information on the bottom to be forced to scroll down I can already see 90% of the info I need right away and close it.

  31. dont like the new update old verson was way better

  32. Looks good as long as it's fast

  33. my 1p8 pro is still android 10 and there is no upgrade available yet not sure how you got android11

  34. Do you think in future 8 pro will support android 12&13?

  35. The weather and Zen Mode apps look so ugly now.

  36. 9:00 Swipe left and right

  37. To be fair, I think the UI changes look pretty decent in dark mode, which is my preference on OOS10.

    I am a little sad to see the change in the weather app, as I really liked the unique spin OnePlus had put on the graphic design, and the way the direction of rainfall changed with the phone orientation. People were always impressed by that ☺️

  38. Why there are so many grey stuff in the dark mode. The settings page is almost grey which is supposed to be black. Even my older OxygenOS 10 has got a better dark theme. This is not a upgrade by any mean. It's downgrade!! They are literally downgrading their famous software! Not gonna upgrade to OOS 11. I don't need AOD, I'm fine with ambient display 🙄

  39. Great video, Keep up the good work!

  40. I use always on display as much as I use zen mode

  41. always on display is kinda useless when you have lift to wake, you just tilt your phone slightly on Android 10 and it will show you everything you can see with AOD, but it's a nice touch I suppose

  42. Weather also changed with the weather app😂

  43. I love it and I also hate it

  44. …dark mode toggle is available on Android 10 OP7Pro.

  45. Can u name which widget you are using for the clock ?

  46. Is there still any display issues in one Plus 8pro??

  47. you didn't sow us anything, you only showed us settings but in other videos from other people, they shoed us different stuff aswell as settings and you kept on talking about nothing,, i think you zoned out on alot of times and then went back to show us.

  48. It is better to get only android 11 rather than this copied UI…

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