Olvídate del Galaxy S21 Ultra, este nuevo teléfono Samsung te dejará boquiabierto a mitad de precio

OBTENGA NORDVPN: CÓDIGO DE CUPÓN: sakitech USE EL CÓDIGO PARA OBTENER 70% de descuento en el plan de 3 años + 1 mes gratis (+ regalo gratis) Samsung está a punto de lanzar un nuevo teléfono inteligente que tiene la mitad del precio del Galaxy S21 Ultra. Este teléfono es parte de la serie A de teléfonos inteligentes Samsung que fueron los más vendidos en 2020 y también lo serán en 2021. Este es el Galaxy A72, que en realidad tiene un conector para auriculares y una opción de expansión microSD. Galaxy A72 se anunciará el 17 de marzo de 2021 en Samsung Unpacked Event. La mayoría de las imágenes de este video fueron proporcionadas por @evleaks a través de Voice: ————— SÍGUEME EN LAS REDES SOCIALES ————– – – Sígueme en Twitter: Sígueme en Instagram: Sígueme en Facebook: Mi sitio web: Las empresas pueden enviar productos a la siguiente dirección: Attn: SAKITECH 135 S Springfield Rd. Unit 681 Clifton Heights, PA 19018.

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  2. Since my S20 FE 5G won Marques Brownlee's 2020 Smartphone Awards, then I'm GOOD with my S20 FE 5G?

  3. I got my new Samsung S21 with the help of 4kitroot on instagram

  4. I got my new Samsung S21 with the help of 4kitroot on instagram

  5. A terabyte…dang!

  6. Check the 5500 battery if xiaomi mi max 3 then say about big batteries ?

  7. ? and I just brought the s21 ultra yesterday ?

  8. Sakhi, there are reasons S series are twice the price of the A series. Please, explain the reasons too.

  9. Good phone for new buyer ?

  10. Unless you need super intense camera then no reason to upgrade anymore after any of the samsung 10 devices. In the last 20 years it's been all about storage, then screen size. Now it's all cameras. If you don't take videos or selfies then no reason to get off your samsung 10s or iphone X devices

  11. I got my S21 Ultra back phantom for half the price with trade in.. this phone it's a beast !!!

  12. The problem with those phones are the cameras usually have low performance in order to keep the price low .

  13. Samsung is dangerously defective. Don't listen to these bought and paid for lies. My new samsung can't do anything right honestly. It crashes constantly and has horrible optimization from 5g to screens. Cancerous defects

  14. I did not invested in a new 21 5G because 5G processors are still in development to fix problems and new technologies compatibility that are not software fix. No way I am going to spend $700 in a phone that might need replacement in one year.

  15. The S21 Ultra is a Mercedes. The A72 looks like a Mercedes but is a Hyundai inside.

  16. Nah I think ill stick toy note 20 ultra and S21 ultra lol

  17. Half the price for good reason the ultra has tons more but if you don't care about the extra stuff then sure I traded in my FE for the ultra I do know my FE was really glitchy on one UI 3.0 so you might run into that

  18. Wait wait wait.. so this device from Samsung will have 25 watt fast charge, micro sd card support, headphone jack, 5000 mAh battery, AND water resistance? Sign me up! This is what Samsung flagship SHOULD be.

  19. My friend galaxy a72 support dex

  20. I'm one of the few folks happy with my S20 Ultra

  21. 2020 a51
    Why the earth u r saying a52
    What happened
    Are you alright?

  22. Happy with my A71

  23. Happy with my S7. Its still perfect

  24. Holyshit I should just get a a72, it's got it all!!

  25. Maybe it's a good phone, but i miss the Aluminium frame from the older A series.

  26. Will it have MST pay?? And strong glass??

  27. How to hide the notch in the new update one UI 3.1? The new update has no option to hide the notch in the full app display settings. It seems like the new update remove it. If anyone knows how to hide the notch on the latest update please tell me.

  28. Half the price, half the CPU, GPU

  29. I’ll stick with my new S21Ultra ………….

  30. Waiting on my S21 Ultra to arrive. No regrets here either.

  31. I'm kinda feel robbed when I've bought the s21 ultra

  32. VPN secured ????

  33. The galaxy s21 ultra is a lot better than galaxy a72 because 100 times zoom, 8K video, flaw detection, and more features than most other phones here!

  34. I have a note 10 running 3.1 and does the same thing as the newer flagships.Minus the Ram

  35. Wow, if I was patient to wait on the A series as I do value SD card, but was I crazy ?to give up my 1tb model Samsung 10 Plus ➕ for the 512 gb s21 Ultra 5g, I think the S pen ? and camera ? and design got me.

  36. Best Buy open box…look for new condition but no accessories…got my 21 Ultra for $800…

  37. As I said before, stop talking about Nord vpn and security. You know nothing about security! Thst you said about Nord vpn isn't true!

  38. Just get the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

  39. Im still happy with my S10 plus 1tb. Still have slot memory and jack audio. No need to worry with internal memory and the spec still complete….i will wait to S22 or S23…
    If S22 or S23 dont have slot memory…maybe i will move to A series…or maybe ?.

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