Número IMEI en Android Studio | Tutoriales de Android

Este video le mostrará cómo obtener el número IMEI en Android Studio. Puedes encontrar el código aquí: Android Studio: LIKE | COMPARTIR | SUSCRIBIR

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  1. Is it possible to get IMEI number for above android 11? I want to use it within organization. App won't be uploaded on play store.

    Is there any workaround for it?

  2. Code is not working in andorid 12 i have got the error The user 10815 does not meet the requirements to access device identifiers.

  3. Hello sir, please tell me how to make a tracking app using IMEI number and get real location.

  4. Do you know how to get second IMEI number for devices with Marshmallow OS?

  5. Thanks a lot for your example, you helped a lot. Blesses in your life!!!

  6. Man it is not IMEI IT S DEVICE ID WRONG

  7. Mr. Patel, Can Android Studio be used to build a (system app) release apk ? This apk will be installled on a non-rooted device without enabling USB debug mode. Regards

  8. how to get phone number i am using String number = telephonyManager.getLine1Number(); it returning null any soln for this

  9. not working in android 10 devices is there any alternative way

  10. What image/specifications are used in your emulator ? Is there a solution for getting the imei in Android pie ? For example Samsung S 10. Thanks

  11. it worked , thanks ^_^

  12. it worked , thanks

  13. that there, it worked!! 👍👍

  14. thanks for this tutorial, it will help me a lot

  15. Nice Explanation I tried this tutorial. Unfortunately I got this error
    Caused by: java.lang.SecurityException: getDeviceId: The user 11297 does not meet the requirements to access device identifiers
    Could help me in this fixation. compiled the application on Android X OS
    I heard that from android X onwards there are some changes were taken place while reading android IMEI number

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