Nuevo celular rotatorio (LTE).

Breve avance del Un-Smartphone rotativo. Mis sitios web:

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Desarrollo de aplicaciones web móviles (Android studio)

Mi primera aplicación.. Aplicación móvil de restaurante.

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  1. an all-clear casing version would be cool. like the trend of the past that showcase all the circuits inside.

  2. As an exercise in retro nostalgia and DIY miniaturisation, it's very neat. From the perspectives of usefulness, user-friendliness and accessibility… ugh, no thank you, please take it away.
    Seems like everyone in the comments has forgotten the time when we transitioned away from rotary-dial phones and were all raving about the greater ease and convenience of touch-dialling!

  3. Very impressive

  4. Owwa
    I'm just dreaming of it

  5. that phone looks so cute!!! i hope it becomes available globally someday, and maybe even have a modern LTE beeper in your company as well!! i genuinely wish you success

  6. This is probably how my grandparents hoped the phones would look like

  7. This is so f*cking cool!

  8. I love it!

  9. Pray that this Lady puts a "Patent" on it! because she Youtubed it! Watch how taiwan starts stealing the idea!!

  10. Now we just need a 5g version

  11. This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. haha! also, love the Dune references on your phone list. 😆

  12. A rotary dial on a phone?? What Will they come up with next?? Some sort of handle that will allow you to hold the phone to your ear??
    I want one, of course. I hate texting, and I love retro-future technology. Or is it future-retro?

    By the way, you stole my heart when you said "end transmission".

  13. This is amazing 😍

  14. 👆💗🏴‍☠️


  16. I can’t cap I’m buying nostalgic 😂

  17. I love this

  18. Oh man I need this

  19. amazing talent and determination on your part i love to see someone working on this level brilliant work.

  20. I would LOVE one of these! Absolutely fantastic!!!✨

  21. Wow.
    How cool to be so intelligent.

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