Novedades Android de Philipp – febrero de 2022

¡Bienvenidos al PAN en febrero! Es realmente difícil hacer un seguimiento de todos los cambios frecuentes en Android hoy en día, por lo que ahora obtendrá videos mensuales sobre los principales cambios y noticias sobre nosotros, los desarrolladores de Android. ⭐ Obtenga la certificación para su trabajo futuro ⭐ Ahorre incontables horas de tiempo ⭐ Garantía de devolución del 100 % del dinero durante 30 días ⭐ Conviértase en un desarrollador profesional de Android ahora: suscríbase a mi boletín informativo GRATUITO para obtener consejos regulares sobre Android, Kotlin y Arquitectura. Únase a este canal para obtener acceso a los beneficios: Códigos en vivo regulares en Twitch: Únase a mi servidor de Discord: Consejos de programación regulares en mi página de Instagram: Visite mi GitHub: ¿Le gusta mi contenido gratuito? Aquí puedes ofrecerme un café: Aquí todas las fuentes que usé para el video: Jetpack Compose 1.1 Update Maps Compose Library: Android 13 Preview: KMM 0.3.1 Update:

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23 comentarios

  1. I hate declarative UI, although it may be future.

  2. Hello Philip, Can you please create a video of google play integrity api integration,Apps exclusively distributed outside Google Play

  3. Hey Philipp, do you have any resources on changing settings (like draw over other apps) via quick settings replacement API? As far as I found, changing this type of setting is not an use-case for this API.

  4. I was looking for a playlist like this for a long time. Thanks for sharing this

  5. Really like this new series, keep it up!

  6. If it's possible segment your news video to smaller parts and give them a title. Some of the news maybe repetitive or unnecessary for someones. Great Job by the way

  7. Oh, you're the best. I was looking forward to animating items in the lazy column.

  8. Sir please upload new video

  9. very good , thanks dear friend for information

  10. Hi phillip,
    Is it any easy way to see the preview of jetpack compose because it takes too much time to show in preview now

  11. Awesome as always!

  12. Hey Philip can u make a video on firebase otp authentication with clean architecture its like challenge

  13. Will I really be able to get a job after taking your course? Will companies hire me? I have seen in most job posting that they ask for people with more than 3 years of experience. Please answer.

  14. Thanks for video Philipp, it was interesting. One small comment, please concern more on giving your opinion about the news, as we sometimes already read about it but it would be interesting to listen for your opinion about it, not just a naked news. Hope my comment will help you. Good luck 😉

  15. You mentioned jetpack glance in the timeline but never talked about it

  16. Hello Philipp it's always a great time of gaining knowledge whenever I watch your video. Have you looked into the new Kotlin/Js framework for Web Development? Can we have something on that I guess a lot of people will be interested in that. Thank you again.

  17. Hi Philip, would you please suggest the ViewPager equivalent in compose?

  18. I cant see any videos from twitch

  19. Thanks a lot for sharing Philipp..You are an amazing tech guy..

  20. I know that jetpack compose is the bread that just came out of the oven, but in my company we still don't use it, we haven't even begun to take it into account, I think it will take another while for the teams to adapt to this new library, could you do the news more focused on the architecture part?

  21. Thank you !

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