Noticias tecnológicas: vivir en un ecosistema familiar de Android para iPhone

es iPhone contra Android otra vez. una plataforma móvil sobre otra. ¿cual es mejor? esa pregunta siempre es relativa, especialmente cuando se trata de hogares que tienen dispositivos iOS y Android en un ecosistema diferente. Únase a mi transmisión en vivo esta noche: Reciba mi boletín informativo por correo electrónico: Únase a mi sala de chat gratuita: Conviértase en miembro: STAR WARS ► LISTA DE DESEOS ► DISPOSITIVOS ► Chris Pirillo 1420 NW Gilman Blvd 2543 Issaquah, WA 98027 ¿Listo para más consejos y trucos? ¡Suscribir! ¡He tenido una carrera bastante creativa como creador de contenido en Seattle! Soy una variedad de transmisores en vivo #Geek que usan tecnología (¡software!) para compartir vlogs y videos en vivo a lo largo de los años sobre mis temas favoritos, ¡y me encanta compartir mis consejos de #vida! Mi experiencia abarca desde vivir la vida de la manera que lo he hecho: ser empresario (emprendedor), padre/papá (familia), esposo (relación), productor de eventos, consultor de #tecnología de consumo. Fans de Star Wars, LEGO, cultura pop, ahorro, nostalgia, retro, juguetes y coleccionables. Mis puntos de vista son 100 % personales y no reflejan necesariamente los puntos de vista de Intel.

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  1. Wait. You were sarcastic?


    I appreciate your insight!

  2. I use my android as an etch a sketch! I have no need for messaging and making photos! 🤯😁

  3. I agree, I like the iPhone for video but after that it's not a useful device for me. My pixel has been more useful in terms of making my daily life easier vs. this iPhone 12 pro max. It's a shame that Apple doesn't embrace cross platform applications.

  4. This guy looks like Steve Jobs

  5. The satire is strong with this one.

  6. People don’t want to download a third party service like an airdrop solution or whatsapp. Especially since it is just built right in. It’s also hard to start over with new programs; like, there won’t be the history of the notes anymore.

  7. Can you talk about SD card slot? Iphone will never have it, Huawei seems that works around it, pixel won't either, Samsung seems to start removing it from high end phones, fold don't count I think, people complain they take space, they are slow, the problem as storage is a problem on iphone unless you have the 1tb they just announced, many people can't fill even the 128gb, the streaming and cloud may help but depend everything on internet

  8. Chris, keep the vids coming man. I know you switched to twitch but the short vids are a nice thing to watch. I like it!

  9. I'm not on #teamnobody anymore. I'm on #teamrighttorepair at the moment. These tech companies need to be taken down a peg, their excuses for building their devices in such an increasingly closed way, has been proven to be a tactic to limit how much you or a third party repair business can do to repair or even upgrade YOUR device.

  10. I made the choice to get a iPhone se 2020 because google was shutting down google play music. I’m not subscribing to a service since I have 130gig of music on my computer (legally but mostly illegal) I had to get a iPhone because of this. Record labels can pull or change artists albums at anytime mostly due to a copyright suit. lol Wayne carter 3 2008 edition is diffrent than the streaming versions. I message is overrated it works but it’s not a holy grail come on people.

  11. As someone has lived (and continues to live to a certain degree) in both platforms, it is not difficult to do at all, especially with phones. But it's important, as you point out, not to try to mold a new OS into the previous OS you were using. I found this to be especially true when I made the move from Windows PCs to Mac computers about 7 years (this was right after Microsoft fielded the travesty that was Windows 8). I knew, from my limited interactions at that time using my daughter's Macbook Pro, that I wouldn't be able to do many of the tasks I did normally on a Mac the same way I did them on my Windows laptop. So, to prevent any frustration, before I bought my first Mac, I spent some time looking at videos on YouTube teaching basic Mac OS skills for beginners like myself. By the time I received my first Mac (a Mac Mini), I was familiar enough with the OS that I was able to get up an running right away. Had I not done that, it would have been a much less pleasant experience.

  12. Chris I do have a question how long have you been doing YouTube I Remember watch when I was 14 or 15 I am 25 almost 26

  13. Thank you love the discussion about iOS and android operating system and you should do an update what apps or cloud based services you use to store photos video and work content like taxes and other things if you think that’s appropriate to save on the cloud your taxes and anything else you can think of would be a good subject to talk about thank you and keep up the good content I love What do you do about talking about technology

  14. I'm in 3 ecosystems – Amazon runs my home, Google Maps get me where I'm going, IOS solely used for Garage Band. I own movies and music across all.

  15. Chris this why I'm subscribe to your channel because you're honest and you tell the truth unlike other tech YouTubers

  16. Chris I think people are in apple ecosystem because they think it's better than others

  17. This is gold bahahahahaha

  18. Hey Dan. Here is a disclaimer for Chris. From what I can tell. Chris is using your question to call out a lot of other people that can’t see past the bubble they are in. We know that people can think critically. To figure things out themselves. They just don’t. Nonetheless, there is some frustration here due to Apple blinding people as well. To what else is available to you. We can’t really fault Apple for this though. Irritating as it is. Companies like Apple make money on claiming the best or only way to do something. It’s just not true. What is true… You might still enjoy Apple more if you ever did try Android. Also, the switch to Android would have to be a few months of just Android. This will truly let you know if it’s right for you.
    Chris has a delivery that is a little rough around the edges, but he does mean well.

  19. Can't both side just get along.

  20. Lmao Apple really does have the whole market covered don't they

  21. I jumped ship a few years ago( iOS to android) and it was just BS…. Trying to send pics or big emails.. Sucked!! Went back after a couple years.. it’s just easier

  22. I get that you’re being sarcastic, but it sounds like the guy came to you with a genuine issue and you just shat on him.

    Of course we know that there are alternatives, but he might not know. Pretty crappy way to treat a fan.

    Overall, I’m still a fan, but in this one instance it feels like you’re punching down to someone who may have genuinely needed guidance.

  23. I'm the same way. I use all tech. I'm not taking a side and limiting myself.

  24. How about dropbox

  25. I love when people judge me for having green bubbles when I text them.

  26. People are so attached to the sentiment of An iPhone.. but they don’t realise you miss out in knowing how much is out there .. I work on two phones , iOS and android where I can have the best of both worlds .

  27. I use Windows and iOS primarily these days and the services that I use are primarily Google-based. YouTube, Docs, Maps, Keep, Gmail, etc… I EVEN USE SPOTIFY, AND THAT BELONGS TO NO SPECIFIC CAMP. The argument that you can't live beyond an ecosystem's walled garden is extremely asinine.

  28. jingle bells song
    in the background lol?

  29. I wonder if twitch doesn’t like you using twitch to record your YouTube videos than uploading your twitch livestreams to YouTube

  30. Your sarcasm was off the charts. People have to remember that there’s always alternatives to whatever OS your using.

  31. Hahaha. Sarcasm 😀

  32. I've jumped back and forth between them.

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