Noticias de Tailandia hoy | Tailandia llega a 1M, Kratom despenalizado, burbujas de viajes .. otra vez | 20 de Agosto

El Ministerio de Salud Pública de Tailandia ha confirmado que el número total de casos de Covid-19 ha superado el millón. Viajes burbujas en las noticias … otra vez. Esta vez, Tailandia planea iniciar un acuerdo de burbuja de viajes con Corea del Sur una vez que mejore la situación de Covid-19. Amnistía Internacional Tailandia pide que se lleve a cabo una investigación completa sobre los disparos contra jóvenes manifestantes antigubernamentales, con 1 adolescente en coma. A partir del próximo martes, se podrá cultivar Kratom y sus hojas, que tienen efectos psicodélicos leves, se podrán vender comercialmente en la Tierra de las Sonrisas. // Descargar la aplicación Thaiger ==================== 📱 APLICACIÓN MÓVIL para usuarios de iOS / Apple: 📱 APLICACIÓN MÓVIL para usuarios de Android: // Sandbox Phuket Advertising Sale = == ========================= Hasta un 50% de descuento en publicidad para empresas locales 🔎 📧 // Quiere más de la familia Thaiger ? ================================ REGÍSTRESE para ser notificado de nuevo contenido: 🎁 REGÍSTRESE para convertirse en miembro: 🔎 NAVEGAR para leer las últimas noticias: 📢 PUBLICIDAD en The Thaiger: 💬 FORO para discutir noticias: CORREO ELECTRÓNICO para nuestro boletín diario: ME GUSTA y SIGUE nuestra página de Facebook: 🐦 SÍGUENOS en Twitter: SÍGUENOS en Instagram :.

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27 comentarios

  1. พี่ เป็น​คนลูกครึ่ง​ไทย​ เหรอคับ

  2. I’m coming Thai wow 🤩 for kraton since I’m from horn of African finally we get em to learn better then alcohol

  3. This American wishes good luck to the Thai and S. Korean bubble travelers.
    We were going to use Korean Air for the Samui+ but the flight was 3 days instead of 16 hours and triple the price.

  4. The government always hire thugs to to take shots at those protesting the government.

  5. Just exactly what makes the tourism minister think that other countries will subject their citizens to travel to Thailand? I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear his pitch to South Korea about opening a travel bubble. Thailand has record cases, record deaths, concentration camps for migrant workers, pleas for aid for starving people, hospitals full to capacity, sick people from Bangkok being bussed back home to provinces (super spreader any one?), sex workers suing for government aid, etc., etc. There are also no reports given on infection, hospitalizations, and deaths among visitors to the island paradise in the much vaunted Phuket sandbox. Where are the interviews of sandboxers? Are they imprisoned like the migrant workers? Not to mention the deadly protests in the streets, Moslem separatists in the south. At least psychedelics are now being sold; these should be made mandatory so tourists can enter an alternate reality to what they will see if they visit. The government have become expert in insulting the intelligence of those who get their information. Don't really have to look back 50+ years to Cambodia to see an authoritarian government in action. Please lets follow the trajectory of the use of the millions of donated doses of vaccine. What about the royal owned, Thai vaccine production facility? How is that working out for Thailand?

  6. As long as Thailand has crazy restrictions like closed restaurants, malls, gyms and wear face masks the tourists will no come to Thailand.

  7. Congratulations Thailand, only 1 million infected of Covid-19. Now Thailand only have another 6 million left to reach 7 million infected to be equal to a n international standard of more than 10 % of once country's population.But more normal is that 10,5-10,7 % of a country's population has gotten infected with covid-19.

  8. Thank you so much for your reporting !

  9. The current supreme leader of TH mimics an image of Mr Samphan 🤔

  10. Good report. I'm an American, and resided in Chiang Rai for 21 yrs until recently. Now in Hawaii, but I will follow your well-presented news reports.

  11. HI, Can you please ask that phuket sandbox director, WHY they not open they bars,clubs,shops…etc BECAUSE PHUKET LOCAL PEOPLE ARE % FULLY VACCINATED!! Tourist come much more when everything open,and yes somebody can get coorona but if vaccinated or youg children its not dangerous and hospital capasite not go over what they can take care. IF tourist fully vaccinated and have to take PCR-test before come and again when landing its look very sure protection and block almost all covid positive

  12. 5th September popular vloggers on Koh Samui "Paddy Doyle" and Note from the channel "Flora and Note" will broadcast a live Muay Thai charity match

  13. Travel there if covid don’t kill u the thugs will and the scammers are out to get u

  14. 0.87% death rate sounds like RS to me FATMAN bisch immer no so Stouz uuf dini Super Kultur Nation du Doppubürger

  15. Glad to see your feeling better Jett and very well presented news today 👍

  16. Talking with Chinese ambassador is a waste of time… They stopped issuing passport in China, and many passport already issued are distorted at the port of exit… and I think it is long term… not just because of pandemic… and Thailand had been invested heavily because of Chinese tourist boom a few years ago… and that will not have much return of investment…

  17. The mental health of those spending too much time online becoming Google doctors and playing crypto may be an issue.

  18. I thought Monty Python were finished but it seems they moved to Thailand to take over.

  19. This sniping incident is hugely concerning and problematic. I hope that is fully and completely investigated, and those responsible held accountable. Just totally unacceptable !

    One more dagger in the chest of those looking to visit or retire to Thailand. Simply cannot be overlooked or ignored.

    They took quick and effective action on the recent incident in Phuket. This incident is just as serious IMO, and in some cases even more concerning. Sinister and repulsive are words the first come to mind.

    Stay on this investigation, please. Don't back down.

  20. Glad to see you back Jet!! 👍🏻

  21. Job market is so bad the govt is encouraging its ppl to be drug dealers ?

  22. Thailand is Myanmar Lite.

  23. Chinese citizens to travel abroad. What could possibly go wrong with that scenario?

  24. Should decriminalise cannabis as well, not just the waste product. I mean cannabis

  25. Question: Can you tell me as I am still a little confused. Can I fly to Chiang Mai direct from Phuket after 14 days. Many thanks for all your news. Joseph

  26. This is .87% death rate, which is about average globally. So less than 1 in 100 will die from COVID19. However, many more than this will die from suicide, malnutrition, untreated diseases etc. So the data proves that by trying to stop COVID19 causes MORE deaths than COVID19 itself.

    These murders should be a crime and the Thai leaders need to be charged, tried and executed.

  27. Kratom being made illegal was utterly pathetic. Good move Thailand.

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