Nokia 2.4 Unboxing y primeras impresiones ⚡ Pantalla grande, batería grande, Android de serie y más

Hola Doston Aaj Ke Video Me Hum Karne Wale Hain Unbox Ek Smartphone Android One Ko Jo Ki Hain Nokia 2.4. Su dispositivo Aata Hain Kuch Kamaal Ke incluye el botón Asistente de Google dedicado a Ke Sath Jaise, Android estándar y más. To Ye Video Aap Ant Tak Jaroor Dekhiye Aur Video Ko Me gusta Aur Compartir Karna Na Bhoole. # Nokia2Dot4 # Nokia2Dot4Unboxing #Nokia #TrakinTech Echa un vistazo a Nokia 2.4: Nuestro nuevo canal de YouTube: Canal oficial de Telegram de TrakinTech – Para preguntas sobre productos o promociones, contáctanos en – अगर वीडियो अच्छा लगा तोह लिखे और सब्सक्राइब जरूर कीजियेगा *** *********************************** ********* ***** *********** Video destacado ********************** ******** ****** ************************* 00:00 Introducción 00:41 Desembalaje de Nokia 2.4 01:09 Calidad de construcción de Nokia 2.4 03: 07 Pantalla de Nokia 2.4 03 : 45 Especificaciones de Nokia 2.4 04:23 Rendimiento de Nokia 2.4 05:23 Cámara de Nokia 2.4 05:59 Sensores de Nokia 2.4 06:38 Conectividad de Nokia 2.4 06:47 Funciones adicionales de Nokia 2.4 07:03 Multimedia de Nokia 2.4 07: 26 Primeras impresiones Últimos videos en *********************************** ******** ****** *************** Top 10+ Mejores próximos lanzamientos de teléfonos móviles ⚡ Diciembre de 2020 – Unboxing de variantes de OnePlus 8 Pro India y primeras impresiones ⚡⚡⚡ ¿Un buque insignia completo? – Realme 6 Pro Vs Redmi Note 9 Pro Max Comparación completa ⚡⚡⚡ Cámara, pantalla, rendimiento y más – Nuestras recomendaciones *********************** * ************************************* * Los mejores teléfonos inteligentes menores de 15000 * realme 5 Pro: realme 6 : Redmi Note 9 Pro: Samsung M30s: Honor 9X Pro: Controles de redes sociales *************************** ***** ******************************* Síganos en: Web: Telegram: Instagram: Twitter: Twitter personal: Facebook: English Trakin Canal de tecnología de Youtube – *************************************** **** ******************** * Sorteo / Reglas oficiales del concurso * a. Todas las entradas deben cumplir con los Lineamientos de la comunidad de YouTube (y las entradas que no cumplan serán descalificadas. B. Este Sorteo / Concurso es totalmente compatible y consistente con los Términos de Servicio de YouTube c. Este Sorteo / Concurso es realizado por TrakinTech y no está patrocinado por Youtube d. Privacidad: todos los datos que recopilamos de los participantes se utilizarán únicamente con fines de Sorteo / Concurso. No compartiremos ni venderemos estos datos a nadie. e. ¡Todos los Sorteos / Concursos se llevan a cabo de manera justa e imparcial !.

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  1. Isme dono sim slot 4g hai kya

  2. 10399. Ma na lia ha nokia 2,4

  3. Camera is not so bad it's good inough

  4. I don't know why, but listening to the hybrid English of this review is a lot of fun.

    *Drops phone "Look it's durable"

    2 minutes later

    "Oh it looks like there's a screen problem" ?

  5. Notification Light K Bary Mein Bhi Btaya Kren…

  6. Chinese brands have nicely changed the mindset of indian customers …
    After using ₹10k-₹15k chinese phones they behave like they're using high end computers ..
    But in those high SPEC chinese phones you can't convert media files , you can't edit videos smoothly , you can't do office works … Then why i need those high-spec phones … I need a clean and secure android experience in budget segment which nokia provides .. privacy and security is more important than spec .. learn to treat phone as a phone , dont be addicted to chinese illusion



  8. Using Nokia 6.1, one thing to say Nokia is for genuine peoples not for 420 peoples.

  9. Very nice nokia nokia

  10. When the title is in English, you click – then you got scared and turn off your entire computer… ?

  11. how back this app

  12. my nokia 5.1+ still better than this trash in every aspect ❤️❤️

  13. Best phones for quality & value for money that run on Android systems?. For example I bought the Nokia 5.3 mobile with 64Gs, expandable to 512Gs, 6.5 inch screen, 2 day battery life & 1 hour full recharge from empty. All this for only $236 from Amazon, including free delivery & 2 years warranty ?. Don't spend $500 dollars on a crappy Chinese mobiles like Oppo or Huawei & Xiaomi phones, or $1500 on Apple I -Phones, or even $1000 on the Samsung S2. You can get the Nokia 5.3, with better specs for a fraction of these prices. Nokia is the best & top fenish company in the world & best technology?.

  14. Bhai sahab sound Kam nahin

  15. Fir Bhi NokiaTo Nokia He Hai

  16. vai e phn main kharid kiya liken youtube mee full screen nahi atihin q?

  17. 1:29 Nokia ki maki aakh kardia display ka.

  18. This mobile prize is now 10500 how to buy

  19. Legend are watching on same phone

  20. You are good but you start your video in loud voice

  21. Nokia screen is very fragile…

  22. Bad phone not good result camra every time hange this phone I am buying this mobail

  23. The stock Android is definitely a huge plus in this device in terms of performance along with the sturdy battery and the power-efficient Mediatek processor.

  24. Mediatek Helio P22 with 3GB RAM are pretty decent additions to the phone, although Nokia could have gone with a G series chipset instead to give it a good competitive edge with the rest

  25. Exact rate kya hoga

  26. Nokia is more for people who want pure experience of android.

  27. I bought this phone.. Camera is ok ok (as good as iphone 6s – iphone 7 ) … I dont do phone gaming because I have a gaming pc

  28. Hi Sir.. tumchya bolnyachi style khup changli aahe. Man khush hota tumhala aaikun. Me hallich tumhala follow karaila laglo, khup bara vatta aani tumhi changli aani correct information detat. Mala aai sathi under 10000 phone gheyaicha aahe basic use sathi, please suggest kara.

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