Nintendo Switch en Android, Smash Bros, Emulicious y más novedades de emulación!

¡Hola a todos! En este video, echamos un vistazo a las últimas y mejores noticias, actualizaciones y consejos sobre emulación. Emuladores discutidos: Skyline (Nintendo Switch), Emulicious, 86box, Sameboy, Citra MMJ (3DS) e incluso Smash Bros Remix. 0:00 Actualización masiva de Smash Bros Remix 1:18 Emulicious obtiene otro sistema 1:58 Emulador GBA de Sameboy 2:40 86Box pasa a pantalla dual 3:30 Citra MMJ mejora para Mali 5:00 Xenoblade Skyline Boots Fuentes: Smash Remix: @Smash Remix Emulicious: Box86: Sameboy: Citra MMJ: Mi VPN recomendada (fácil de usar y económica) SurfShark: (descuento de afiliado de Mr. Sujano – más del 80 % de descuento) Canal compatible (totalmente opcional): Patreon: Buy Me A Coffee: Sígueme en : Twitter: Instagram: Discord: Twitch: Sitio web: Consulte mis productos recomendados en Amazon: DESCARGO DE RESPONSABILIDAD: Este video y la descripción contienen enlaces de afiliados, lo que significa que si hace clic en uno de los enlaces de productos, recibiré una pequeña comisión sin costo adicional costo para usted! Este video es solo para propositos de entretenimiento. #Emulación #Emulador #Skyline

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24 comentarios

  1. Long live emulation!
    Shoutouts to ABDO, Tsk and Adrien for the news tip!

  2. Just buy a normal switch is cheaper than the phone

  3. Straight to the point

  4. Why does Skyline download always say file might be harmful when I try to download it?

  5. I couldn't find the link for citra mmj fix separate shader for Mali. Please help.

  6. Hi mr. sujano i wanna comment here the new fake emulator. Many gamers here get scammed. He told his subscribers and claimed himself as a legit developer of aethersx2 black , dolphin black, skyline black, citra black. and many more emulators with black versions. Let me Introduce you this developer's name. He is Juris Ladanga. His name also is his YT channel's name. Please spread the information that he is just making people believe in him.

  7. citra mmj mali wow 🇵🇭😱

  8. Yeah! Let's go, Skyline!

  9. amazing microphone 🙂 ❤

  10. Pal can you do a video on rocket psp emulator tried it seems a lot like ppsspp that I have 🇬🇧

  11. Man I would love a PS3 or Xbox 360 emulator on android, even at a low 720 resolution

  12. I hope you go camping again soon

  13. mr.sujano your the go too guy for awesome emulation news..your a good investment .never change brother 😎👍

  14. With the lots and lots of portable consoles emulators out there (some of them not updating anymore for not having anything else to add/improve), I do wonder why the need to release even more. Just curious

  15. what does it mean when he says MMj stands for subscribe to Mr. Sujano ?

  16. i'm a complete noob when it comes to emulating and i've been looking at sameboy to play pokemon yellow. only problem is the laptop im using is my school laptop and im just wondering how safe this is

  17. Imagine Mr. Sujano in a future video saying "Moving on to Citra on Android and this time it's the playstore version" 😳😳

  18. My Android version is 11 and has 6gb ram, it can run sonic mania on 40 fps on skyline but I have seen people run it on 120 fps
    How many rams does it need to run it on 60fps?

  19. 2:45 just a note, Box86 and 86Box are different emulators, the former being an x86 emulator for ARM on Linux, the latter an IBM PC emulator. Very confusing lol

    Anyway, great video, as always 🙂

  20. Thank you very much mr sujano for the updates…..

  21. Smash remix is awesome 🔥

  22. In my head I heard "Shiki has been added to Samurai Shodown PS1."

  23. Can someone please help: I keep trying to play Pokemon Omega ruby but everytime I try to go in the game it crashes and I tried so many methods from stopping it to crash and it still does, what do I do? It happens after it says "press start" and it crashes, it was working perfectly before and after I tried to implement a cheat for fun not only did I lose ALL my progress but it just doesn't work anymore

  24. Thank you for the update, mr. Sujano!

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