NBA 2K20 IOS/ANDROID CONFIRMADO!!? Noticias móviles de NBA 2K20

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28 comentarios

  1. Hello when i setting the graphic and NBA rules then it not saved
    What should i do
    NBA2K20 M

  2. The contracts aren’t updated on NBA 2k20 on IOS. WTF!!! This is ridiculous. I’m never buying 2K19 again.

  3. In my playstore nba2k20 have the version of 75 instead of 76

    Coz i have low end so i need version 75 but i cant find any links of nba2k20 version 75

  4. NBA 2K20 has dropped on Android

  5. Hope there's a reply🔥👍

  6. All we need in the game is green lights that go in guaranteed, more accessories and shoes, and better all around player customization, tattoos hairstyles etc. and ability to use physical controller in online play.

  7. Tbvh there should be My Park in 2k20 on mobile it would be so much better but I think it would cost way much more

  8. I’m a fans since 2018
    Can i get a like?

  9. I want historic teams

  10. I’m tired of being picked to be in dunk contest or 3pt contest in mycareer, and then don’t get to actually participate lol. And please include accessories, like sleeves and stuff. More hairstyles too. And they should do around the league blog stuff in my career

  11. All I need

    1.Green Lights go in
    2.During interviews, I want to hear my player speak (Not just subtitles)
    3.Nipsey court & celebrity unlockable characters
    4.More Jerseys
    5.Better Contact dunk reactions …They just walk away lol Sims for blacktop because no one else is online all the time

  12. When did nba 2k20 have auto play

  13. Will 2k20 have new Jerseys

  14. All I’m asking for is…
    NBA 2K16 features like creating jumpshots etc
    Better graphics like 2k mobile
    Greens go in everytime
    More hairstyles!

  15. I wish
    Better graphics
    New hairstyles
    And new accessories and more be better 2k20

  16. Can you plz tell me if it’ll be on iPhone 6 this time

  17. There is already an NBA 2k mobile in for iOS. My uncle post in on Facebook.

  18. All am asking for

    1.Dual Archetype
    2.New carrer story line
    3.More hairstyle design for player creation

  19. hope they add 2k18 control option.


  21. How to download nba2k20?


  23. My wishlist


    2-green lights to go in


  24. how to get nba 2k20???

  25. how to get nba 2k20???

  26. I hope 2k20 Will be better optimised for andriod, This should solve the issue of lag in high end devices.

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