Micrófono de mano DIY para Zello en un dispositivo móvil

Un breve video sobre el cableado y el uso de un micrófono de mano Baofeng para usarlo como un micrófono con altavoz PTT para aplicaciones de radio Zello Network en un dispositivo móvil.

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  1. Can you show the wiring you did please thank you.

  2. I am trying to build the same …


  4. Thanks for sharing:

    can I use my iPhone 6 with that speaker mic ??

  5. Seems like it could use an amp for the speaker

  6. Can you do a follow up showing the wiring inside the box please.

  7. Can you sell that to me

  8. Good video my friend I am not really clear on the wiring diagram I want to build a couple of these can you be more clear so I can understand the wiring. Thank you my friend, zoo89@yahoo.com Thanks

  9. I done the same a little while ago now, however I ended up replacing the tactile switch in the PTT with a soft tactile carbon switch as a few contacts I made mention the click on pressing the PTT to stop transmitting.. The closing resistance is higher than a tactile switch however the PTT re-maps itself as a fast forward in the phone rather than stop go. I had a small amplifier module and radio speaker in my spare kit so I have connected that too. You have made a really need job of yours though.

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