Los niveles de radiación del iPhone no son seguros

Clip de Lew Later (episodio – Apple recibió la orden de salir de China) -.

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  1. I don’t understand people like this dude. Or, I do, because if he says something that’s is true but goes against Apple and/or others he’ll go bankrupt in no time. But anyways, he’s placing his and our health behind corporate interests trying so hard to convince us that if FCC said is good is good. I telling me that I can’t measure it for myself and determine if it is safe or not. You’ve to trust what Apple (which makes billlions from this) telling you “Nah, it’s cool you can use it, we care for your health not for our wallet.” Open your goddamn eyes, folks.

  2. I’m using ip 7 for a 3 years! Am I die? ??

  3. My iPhone 7 is savage! My body aches after several minutes holding it and the radiation goes through the roof !
    Couldn’t sleep in the same room as the phone!
    No way am I still using it !!!

  4. I had just buy iPhone 11 at April 2020 and the experience for me was holy fucking worst. It radiation was holy higher when compare to others phone that I use:(( For heavy phone user I really don’t recommend to buy IPhone11 . I could fell a bit pain on my heart. For live longer really don’t buy IPhone. For own health just choose Samsung Note 8,9,10 and maybe 20 series. Next time I definitely would choose Samsung note series for live longer.

  5. If YouTube reviewers listed SAR levels it would put a lot of pressure on manufacturers to lower levels.

  6. idiot does not know that radiation of "safe" tel. kills.

  7. That’s the problem with SDR…. change power in future updates.

  8. so because the fcc says something youre just going to assume they're not in bed with apple in some way? independent reviews matter more than conglomerate biased relationship driven gov bodies.

  9. Everybody need to keep that old Android

  10. What about iphone se ?
    I’m using iphone x and am suffering from the radiation !!

  11. You kids trust the government too much. Go drink your bread, sugar requirements and chlorinated water.

  12. Isn't phone radiation non ionizing? Meaning it can only heat things up due to vibrations, so it cant cause cancer just heat that boi up???

  13. Iphone 11 pro max need's update fast or i have to sell mine and go for samsung
    apple cunts playing with people lives for money
    and nobody give's a shit

  14. Two things. Is Apple arguing that only 1% or 2% of the phones are going to give you cancer? And isn't the testing self-regulated, the FCC just says what to do, it doesn't do it themselves. It sounds like Volkswagon engineering.

  15. FCC safety limits dont mean much just Google rf radiation pubmed. I work at a call center for one week with bluetooth radiation and my head hurts it feels fried on the inside! As well as other in the call center. But it's safe according to the FCC

  16. I guarantee this is not an anomaly, many phones exceed legal limits (by a lot in apple's case) in actual real world use

  17. I heard the signal strength is not constant, it’s a pulse. So it can be stronger or weaker at a specific time. They probably passed at weakest strength

    Also heard the levels are measured after ac6 min phone call , once a week for 6 months…

  18. Apple , need to do a lot better. Just canceled my order on the 11pro after reading the radiation levels on the the internet . Scary stuff and so disappointing!

  19. The world health organization has a scale on how much radiation is safe and acceptable.

  20. The World Health Organization knows radiation better than the Federal Communications Commission, they would get to the bottom of it.

  21. My cousin got ball cancer from his smartphone in his pocket. My boss gave me one of these dangerous iphone's for work and I want to give it back and get a flip phone.

  22. I say they should consistently perform test randomly so they know companies are not slacking off once they get pass that "one" test

  23. iPhone 11 Pro Max is a good device… but his camera is the wors thing that it has, because is 2015 technology and I been using this technology since that year on my LG V10 from 2015… even LG V10 has a good stabilizer of curse iPhone 11 has better stabilizer but all devices from 2019 has a good stabilizer, at less your hands are parkinsons… so that is not a feature on 2019… every one has it

    Yes iPhone 11 Pro Max is same like x…with radiaton high
    I been using iPhone 11 pro Max as S10+ as HUAWEI P30 pro and…

    The iPhone 11 Pro Max worst thig… is his camera… 2015 technology
    Just check my comparatives of this devices

    this ? ah and the back is a bathoom glass, shower glass



    Samsung does not make radiaton so high but
    And the samsung note 10+ has no anything new in fact, is same burring thing and losing tech behind ultimate tecnology same as s10+.. This two both companys has same phylosophy to lie cuatomers, now tanks to HUAWEI p30 pro… Samsung S11+ next year gonna respect customers with tech but with disposable devieces as always with no real warranty…and apple …

    Just check all radiaton that iPhone 11 is all time doing it… uploading your information, even when the screen is off…
    And now moore than before, the iphone 11 is uploading your information that's why radiaton so high
    Jaja trump google thing was technique to apple when up again….
    but there are googles LGs, ASUS rog phone 2
    Apple never was respecting their customers, but now by Huawei many was awake, apple has to give a little respect, now on 2019, but apple they again did the same with this shit wireless… the air pods are trash, and now you will have to have a ultimate pc to connect the usb to wireless charger to.. . so apple never going to has ultimate technology never!!! so if you buy them when wireless charger has to be what is that?

    Hi… Huawei P30 Pro has everything and much moore… And no matter the google thing

    Huawei P30 pro has it, and will has it, but the point is that there are googles LG, Asus rog phone etc, on my videos you can see how LG V10 from 2015 has moore eable and better camera 4k etc, because they are and create the technology

    Now tanks to Huawei apple is giving a little respect to his costumers

    iPhone never been and is not the best camera to record videos or phothos, iPhone 11 is long way behind ultimate camera technology… iPhone shoul cost $600 dollars just check

  24. This is propaganda.

  25. This is propaganda.

  26. The radiation levels from your phone are too low to cause anything catastrophic the sun actually gives off more damaging results then a phone and there’s been multiple studies concluding that there is no link between phones and cancer with regular usage but if you have it against your head at all times for some reason it might start to develop cancer cells

  27. I can bet FCC doesnt play games or watching toutube then testing.. but people plays and watches, so the radioton levels going up.. i think the max radiation shouldnt go more than normal..

  28. Well I guess I’m going back to my phone 6 ?

  29. Just because something passes a government set safety standard doesn't mean its safe.

  30. How much do we trust the FCC? And have the sample phones been randomly selected or given specific phones?

  31. They don’t care about us if we are radiation in our body as long as we give them our money

  32. Wearing a wireless watch!

  33. Curious how the AirPods Pro test out

  34. Skipped iPhone pro for note 10 plus. Which has sar rate .39

  35. The fcc only test devices 2.8 mm away from the human body ! So imagine the real level because no one holds their phone 2 mm away from there face while talking! Also your HOLDING it!

  36. I feel like this radiation stuff is BS

  37. “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away” but “An Apple Inc’s device a day welcomes any disease in your way”.

  38. thats so tough ive been using the iphone 7 for literally 2 years now

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