Los mejores teléfonos Android – junio de 2019

Estos son los mejores teléfonos Android que puedes comprar en el verano de 2019.

Comprar Galaxy S10 +:

Comprar Galaxy S10e:

Compre OnePlus 7 Pro:

Comprar P30 Pro (Estados Unidos):
Comprar P30 Pro (Reino Unido):

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39 comentarios

  1. p30,s10e,note 9 which one guys ?

  2. iPhone is the best Android !

  3. A predominantly iPhone user here. Just looking at Android phones to see which ones I can pick up to test some apps I made with Google Flutter. Lol.

  4. I had note 9, its a beast but because of how huge it is i went to s10e what a perfect phone ?

  5. OP7 Pro user here. Very happy with the display and 90Hz refresh rate. Oxygen OS trumps even stock Android for usability and appearance. Only bummer I can think of is the curved edges on the screen which are a total gimmick, but otherwise this is an amazing device.

  6. Size of phone must be mentioned in any comparison or review. Do you know how many millions want a lightweight, slim width phone which they can use one handed? This is a significant deal breaker for masses of potential buyers.

  7. K20 pro deserves mention

  8. You left out the Experia 1… Highly underrated

  9. Moto G7 Power is an amazing mid-range/budget phone.

  10. s10+ is simply not the best, fuck samsung

  11. S10 plus or p30 pro?

  12. Watched from my Galaxy S10+ i had since day 1 and upgraded from a OnePlus 6T ??

  13. Huawei mate 20 pro should of been on the list best phone I have ever used its a stunning bit of kit top top phone

  14. Watching on my A50 great phone for just a fraction of price for S10

  15. LG V40. Now available for less than $300.

  16. I am pretty sure the Chinese companies will stop selling in Europe and US eventually , after showing a big ?? , f’ing d-bag trash !

  17. Where is the motorola z4?

  18. Lg g8 is by far the best

  19. I need a simple phone with Snapdragon 730 around $200-300… Not all these unnecessarily fancy phones.

  20. 0:22 = Samsung Galaxy S10+
    1:15 = Samsung Galaxy S10e
    1:46 = Pixel 3a
    1:59 = OnePlus Pro 7
    2:59 = Huawei P30 Pro
    4:06 = ASUS ZenFone 6

  21. K20 pro also deserves to be in here

  22. i wish reviewers stop saying a phone is good as they get rid of more and more functions

  23. I bought a standard S10 just 5 days ago.

  24. Why wasn't the note 9 on here?…

  25. Androids are so garbage too me lol.. i gotta iphone 8 that would smoke any of these .. shit my iphone 7 an 5s that i still use as ipods or on wifi for internet purposes would fuck any of these up any day. Ive always found androids to be so garbage.. i owned one at one point to so im not being biased. Androids are just shit to me. They are glitchy an slow. Plus they have apps that are unnecessary to make it even slower an glitchy

  26. LG G8 deserves a place, why you didn't include?

  27. Viewing from my s10 e ????????????????

  28. Still on my note 9 I'm sorry not a fan of any notches

  29. I just upgraded from a Moto G5 Plus to a Note 9 this past week. The Note 9 is amazing.

  30. Should I go for the S10e or Pixel 3a?

    Here's what bothers since I'm picky af…

    I like stock OS more than Samsung's OneUI and want better software support for a longer time, which, I can see Samsung isn't so good at. They delay the software rollout for a long time and it seems to get slower over time regardless of how good the specs are. I could already see the S8 and S9 starting to lag. So I have doubts on S10e…

    On the Pixel 3a's side, the chipset… Since it has Snapdragon 670, I fear it would get sluggish after a year or two. Even though, I can see the Pixel 3a is smooth and fast enough, I don't feel I should trust it as much as a flagship level chip like the Snapdragon 855.

    I don't care about the design, camera etc that these two phones have. Any idea what should I do? lol

  31. Best phone in 2019? Easy. The Note 9. No notch or hole punch. Great battery. Great camera. S Pen. Water resistant. Improved speakers. Headphone Jack.

    Honestly,all Samsung had to do to make the best ever is make the Note 9 with an in screen fingerprint sensor,and a fully customizable Bixby button.

  32. I have galaxy c9 pro and enjoying big screen.

  33. What about the rest? Xiaomi for example? Come on.

  34. @4:44 No, just check out the Redmi Xiaomi Mi 9 SE or the Xiaomi Mi 9T in the same price range, sub 400 bucks and realise that the Pixel 3A cannot keep up if you are willing to look past its camera. Conclusion, this list is US centric because you did not mention the regular OnePlus 7 for sub 500 bucks.

  35. Loving my p30 at the moment, beast.

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