¡Los mejores planes internacionales de telefonía celular!

Una comparación completa de las ofertas internacionales de Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile y Google Fi, y una guía de las mejores opciones para viajar al extranjero. Ver todos los planes y más aquí → ⬇︎MOSTRAR MÁS Artículo de noticias en mi sitio web con toda la información que necesita: MEJORES PLANES INTERNACIONALES ––––––––––––––––––––– Mis mejores opciones para proyectos internacionales Los planes son: • Plan Beyond Unlimited de Verizon – • Sprint – • T-Mobile – • Google Fi – En última instancia, la mejor opción será suscribirse a un plan local para el país que está visitando. RECURSOS ADICIONALES –––––––––––––––––– • Opciones internacionales de Verizon – • Opciones internacionales de AT&T – • Países de AT&T DayPass – • Tarifas de pago por uso de AT&T – • Cobertura de roaming global de Sprint – • T -Opciones de Pase Internacional Móvil – • T-Mobile ONE Plus (no lo acepte) – • T-Mobile Global Plus 15GB – • T-Mobile verifica las tarifas y la cobertura internacionales – • Google Fi – • Tarifas internacionales de Google Fi – SITIO WEB – ————— 🏆bestphoneplans.net – 📊 Tabla comparativa – CÓDIGOS DE DESCUENTO ––––––––––––– Ahorre 15% -50% de descuento en teléfonos inteligentes en Swappa – Mint Mobile – envío gratis usando el código ” stetsdogg “Reach Mobile – $ 20 de descuento usando el código” stetsdogg “Visible – $ 20 de descuento usando el código” wFT2c “Tello – $ 10 de descuento usando el código” P34BBHFB “AVIONES RECOMENDADOS (ENLACE DE AFILIACIÓN) –––––––– –––––––– ––– Operadores que usan la red Verizon ▸ RedPocket – ▸ US Mobile – ▸ Reach Mobile – ▸ Visible – Operadores que usan el zano la red AT&T ▸ RedPocket – ▸ Reach Mobile – ▸ i3 Mobile – Operadores que usan la red Sprint ▸ Tello – ▸ Boost Mobile – Operadores que usan la red T-Mobile ▸ Mint Mobile – ▸ Ultra Mobile – ¿Busca más? Echa un vistazo a la página web. Vea los mejores planes y compare fácilmente planes, precios y funciones. → MEDIOS SOCIALES –––––––––––– 🙋🏻‍♂️PERSONAL Twitter – Instagram – Sitio web – 📞bestphoneplans Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Sitio web – PODCAST – Pellizcar para hacer zoom –––––––– –– ––––––––– Mi amigo Gabe Shakour y yo (del canal de YouTube Digital Tech Reviews & Tips) estamos presentando un podcast llamado Pinch To Zoom que se enfoca en tecnología, teléfonos celulares, cámaras y las últimas noticias tecnológicas. Escuche donde quiera que encuentre sus podcasts: 🎵Spotify – 🎧Podcasts de Apple – 🎬YouTube – LISTA DE REPRODUCCIÓN –––––––– 🏆Los mejores planes de telefonía móvil – Reseñas de operadores – ℹ️ Actualizaciones de operadores – 📋 Guías de activación – 💰Ofertas, descuentos, promociones – 📺Todas las cargas – –––––––––––––––––––– Los enlaces proporcionados son enlaces de afiliados. Si hace clic en un enlace para registrarse, obtengo una compensación. ¡Esto ayuda a respaldar el canal sin costo para usted y se lo agradezco! .

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    0:43 – Intro & 3 main options
    1:12 – Option 1: Do nothing
    1:42 – Option 2: Purchase an Add-on
    2:05 – Verizon add-ons review
    5:24 – AT&T add-ons review
    7:56 – Sprint add-ons review
    9:11 – T-Mobile add-ons review
    11:54 – Google Fi review
    13:08 – 10 day trip cost comparison
    13:52 – Option 3: Sign up for local service
    14:49 – Conclusion

  2. Please remind people choosing the “airplane” mode and utilizing available Wi-Fi (especially Hotels and public access points) overseas to ALWAYS use a VPN. Really any service, especially overseas, should include a VPN

  3. I'm in Korea for a couple years and wound up having to add a Verizon international monthly plan…about $196 a month total, but need it for US bank verification texts. No other long term options from my research (Google Fi shuts off your data after 11 months abroad). A lot of US banks will not allow you to change your account number to an international phone number and more and more require 2 factor authentication which requires a text message code. I chalk this up as another expense of living abroad long-term

  4. I started traveling since last year pretty much every 3 months, usually my trip is for three weeks or less, I didn’t see the point to have a cellphone plan for short period of time so I depend on WiFi But after I watch your video I changed my mind it’s very informative thanks for sharing 😁

  5. Bro, you'll pay a lot extra for calls on google fi

  6. You are the man!! Thank you! Good Job!! Best information I’ve found. Great presentation!!!!

  7. Very good breakdown, thanks for sharing! 🙌🏾

  8. 😂 😂 😂 😂 Verizon WTF

  9. Great video! I love that you state at the beginning , that you can put your phone on Airplane mode and use wifi. That is what I always do when I travel overseas. All other videos that I have seen , does not mention that option. Great job on mentioning many options , for people to decide what works best for them.

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  12. I would just sign up for a local carrier

  13. Google fi referral code: CM2X8Y

  14. Tip just buy a burner phone. Around $50 unlocked phone through facebook marketplace or offer up and use the local carrier prepaid plans on the country you’re going. That will save you a lot more money.

  15. You should buy an Irish vodafonesim and activate tzhe unlimited plan you will get unlimited data with 10 mbits in Swizerland Ile of Man all EU countrys as well as in Curacao and Sint Maarten!


    Grab it on ebay


  16. Dude!! 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽
    Very Awesome and we’ll put together video!! You definitely aren’t getting enough compensation in return for the great info you packed in here! And the presentation was also Spot-ON!

    Thanks for the Info!!

    *I’ll even sub and like. 🤠

  17. The only thing I miss about T-MOBILE is their international coverage. I used my Magenta Plus plan flawlessly while in Mexico.

  18. I've watched many of your videos.. keep up the good work

  19. PC6917 coupon code to get $20 off googlefi

  20. You should do a comparison of travel roaming sim plans for those who dont option for the roaming plans on their carriers (specifically those running dual sim phones wether be those with esim + physical sim or 2 physical sims.) Just an idea for a comparison vid cause youre the best at it so far i see… Very detailed and easy to follow. Plus with a great broadcast voice. 👌😉😁

  21. I just subscribed great video I have att prepaid can you do a video on all the prepaid providers for international use from the us. Also why does att prepaid charge taxes every month boost cricket none of them do this. Also why doesnt att have a app for there prepaid customers 2 manage there accounts you have to go to a web browser to sign in.

  22. What about using this in remote areas of the U.S. for those who are trying to go > Off-Grid??

  23. We went to St Thomas on a cruise and Verizon’s service there was named “VIYA!”

  24. My mobile network here in the UK charges outrageous prices for overage charges: £10.24 per 100MB over my allotted data, if i go 1gb over it ends up at £100 in overage charges

  25. Another good option is a company called FlexiroamX. I've been using them for a few years. If you have a dual SIM phone you can just leave their SIM in the phone. Or they also have SIM overlay chips. You can get global data plans or local plans for a particular country or group of countries. And if you plan ahead they heavily discount the local plans. They are basically data only plans though so if you need calling you might need to use something like Google Voice or wifi calling. I agree that just getting a local plan is typically a good deal, but it's easier to get in some places than others. I didn't find Australia to be especially expensive when I was there a couple of years ago. I just got a Vodafone prepaid plan that had something like 25GB of data for AU$45 for a month. Ordered it ahead of time and they delivered the SIM to the first hotel I was staying at. It was very easy to set it up.

  26. I use under 0.5 GB of data per month 🤣

  27. One thing I miss about T Mobile besides their awesome customer service, was their intetnational usage.

  28. I travel international a few times each year, Google Fi is really the only sensible option here. Fi data is costly at $10/GB but when roaming internationally its a bargin when you just gotta have service. Free wifi is available in nearly every other country at cafes and restaurants, hotels and even stores, you only have to ask for the password and you won't use much in data. On a recent two week trip the Peru, for example, my basic Fi plan is only $20, it connects to ANY of the available carriers (I purchased an LG V35 through Fi to make sure it was fully compatible internationally) and over the course of my stay I used about 1.5GB worth of Fi data! All my other data came through the free local wifi. One restaurant in Pisac, Peru, had data speeds in excess of 60 MPS! << That is quite unusual though. Since Fi actually charges on a pay-as-you-go model I was only charge $15 for my data usage for those times I had to have the data. No limits on tethering either, same cost as the data though. One last thing, Fi connects to the strongest signal where I am at and changes were common as signal strengths varied. The entire trip cost me just $40 for cell service when all was said and done.

    I've used Fi, without an complaints, in Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco, Mexico, Costa Rica and Peru. Some remote location didn't have LTE towers so 3g and on a few occasions in Morocco, only 2g but that is something all travelers would have to deal with.

    I enjoyed seeing the comparisons, it reaffirms my patronage of Google Fi for international travel

  29. It's almost always best to buy a local SIM card and use data-based apps like WhatsApp to communicate with your friends and family

  30. T Mobile and Sprint both have great coverage in Mexico. Verizon not so much. I actually think Sprint has better coverage in Mexico than in the 🇺🇸.

  31. Lol in Slovenia you get 30gb lte data unlimited messages and talk for 9€/month

  32. US Mobile unlimited includes 10GB of international data

  33. 2000 USD /GB WTF is wrong with US carries

  34. I’ll just buy a local plan. I’ll end up getting better amount of data than what Verizon gives me lol 500MB I’ll blow through that data cap in like 1 day

  35. Thanks for the great info. I travel all the time so I already knew most of the info but this is great for people that are going on a short trip and don't want to have to do a bunch of research. Verizon and AT&T are a joke! More like a really bad nightmare. Yikes! I currently have to Mobile paying the 15 dollar charge to double my speeds. When I upgrade to a new phone I will seriously consider switching to Google Fi.

  36. Can some who purchases a plan in the countries visit still share their location?

  37. OMG do you vlog??!!

  38. Where does one buy this Hannover shirt?

  39. Signing up for the carrier in those countries. Can't your same number? Can you ?

  40. What the hell is this… here in the UK I have a £10 plan and I can go to the EU where I can use my 8GB plan as I would in the UK for free

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