Los 10 teléfonos más baratos (primavera de 2021) por menos de £ 200

Revise los mejores teléfonos inteligentes económicos de 2021 que cuestan menos de £ 200 aquí en el Reino Unido, con cámaras confiables, rendimiento listo para juegos y alta duración de la batería. Estos teléfonos Android son mis favoritos en este momento, incluidos Poco X3 NFC, Moto G30, Xiaomi Redmi 9, Nokia 5.4 y más. He probado todos estos móviles y puedes ver mis videos de unboxing y revisión aquí mismo en Tech Spurt. Un presupuesto de solo £ 200 le brindará excelentes teléfonos como el Poco X3 NFC y Redmi 9, que cuentan con una impresionante tecnología de pantalla y velocidad: puede jugar en PubG y otros títulos sin preocupaciones. Por supuesto, lo bien que se lleve con estos teléfonos depende de sus opiniones sobre el lanzador MiUI de Xiaomi. Si prefieres tener una experiencia de Android estándar, me gusta el Motorola Moto G30. Este teléfono inteligente económico tiene una pantalla simple de 720p pero hace todo lo necesario, con resultados de cámara respetables. Y el Nokia 5.4 también es bueno en la mayoría de los departamentos, incluso si puede ser bastante extraño, y todavía estamos esperando Android 11. El Oppo A53 es otra opción sólida para cualquiera que esté arruinado. Nuevamente, la tecnología de la cámara es decente por el precio, mientras que la duración de la batería es excelente, y todos los teléfonos aquí ofrecen soporte NFC, capacidad de expansión microSD y un conector para auriculares. Los mejores teléfonos económicos por menos de £ 200 Capítulos: 0:00 – Avanzar 0:55 – Motorola Moto G30 2:27 – Motorola Moto G9 Plus 3:36 – Motorola Moto G9 Power 4:50 – Motorola Moto G9 Play 5: 03 – Nokia 5.4 6:24 – Oppo A53 7:16 – Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC 8:17 – Xiaomi Poco M3 9:22 – Xiaomi Redmi 9 9:50 – Teléfonos inteligentes Samsung baratos.

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  1. The only guy I'll listen/watch when it comes to mobile phones.

  2. I feel personaly attacked, since this is the morning after and I am searching for a replacement phone.

  3. That wallpaper lookin sus 1:15

  4. Everybody be asking about the phones since its a phone review vid, but imma ask …What is the movie called with the sniper rifle? 🤣

  5. Next time add the phone models to the screen. It is hard to understand sometimes

  6. I would double dislike it if I could

  7. I want to get the Motorola G9 Plus however I cannot find any screen protectors or phone cases for it (the specific size), can somebody please reply my comment with a link for any of these items. Thank you.

  8. And buy som decent cameras

  9. Mate ! Talk more simple ! With all your bullshit words

  10. what's so quirky about the POCO M3?

  11. I love Android. But I live in Europe and have a prepaid data plan in Europe prepaid plans are 28 days long so they can charge you 13 times a year. I am sick and tired of resetting my Android data every 28 days. I will post this in every android phone revue I see until Google puts a 28 day plan in the OS please like and share if you are in the same boat as me.

  12. So tempted to buy a Nokia, just to say I have a Nokia phone lmao

  13. Im looking to replace my old lg g7 as its starting to need more charges, which would you recommend under £300 , which isnt a step back cheers

  14. Yeah don't get the Xiaomi redmi 9. I got it 6 months ago on Amazon for £100, it is terrible. It's not extremely slow however, sometimes it freezes whilst heavily using Chrome or Google related apps. The battery is terrible, it still drains at a relatively same speed as when I bought it, however it takes a lot of time to charge. It took 9 hours to charge 30%. Save your money and don't buy this piece of trash. I also had a redmi note 8 pro before this, which was for around £200, it lasted me almost a year, right now it doesn't even turn on. Probably the last time I will ever buy a Xiaomi phone.

  15. If u think running android 10 is bad, try running lollipop 5.1.

  16. $200 is not budget for me

  17. Thanks for the video… Twat bag 👍 lol

  18. I need a phone for roblox

  19. Me watching that in my Wiko View 2

  20. LOL was about to buy the Samsung A12! I will stay CLEAR

  21. Do not take this comment wrongly. I liked the video, but having said this, I hate the on-screen (selfie) camera or the notch. It does not look good, it blocks some content, it is just a fad started by Apple, and to be honest, is useless. Is like buying a cellphone with a broken screen or a scratched screen. You know it's there, I really do not know why we are still buying these….oh yes, right, it is a fad and almost no one is producing phones without this "feature". I think that some people even want the "feature" (in a budget phone) just to have the opportunity to experience this useless and horrible "feature"

  22. I would be great if they sold a phone without those stupid hole-punch cameras stuck in the screen. I miss bezels.

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