¡Los 10 mejores teléfonos que vienen para 2019 por los que vale la pena esperar!

¡Las primeras 500 personas que hagan clic en mi enlace recibirán dos meses de Skillshare Premium GRATIS! ¡Los 10 mejores teléfonos que vienen para 2019 por los que vale la pena esperar! Google Pixel 4, Galaxy Note 10 pro, iPhone 11, Huawei Mate 30, teléfono plegable Moto Razr, Xiaomi Pocophone F2 y más. Concepto plegable épico de Motorola Razr 2019 – Diseño de introducción oficial del iPhone 11 – Concepto de iPhone 11 Max Epic – Concepto de Galaxy Note 10 – ►► Suscríbase para recibir videos técnicos diarios – ►► ¡Únase a mí en las redes sociales! ★ INSTAGRAM: ★ TWITTER: ★ FACEBOOK:.

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31 comentarios

  1. Saya nak satu fon.fon saya rosak dau ?

  2. where can I get the obi. online, in Australia

  3. What about the iPhone 11??

  4. Am I the only one that gets annoyed by this guy's way of talking?

  5. Fuck iOS they revoke shit, Android is a much better option…

  6. Iphone 11 render 100%

  7. It's day-bue not day-bute

  8. That pixel 4 leak is wrong

  9. That flip phone Huawei mate looks great but im broke so I'll need a more affordable phone lol

  10. After iPhone 11 launch, its the first time since the iPhone 3 that I wanna change to android because I am sick of the same look over and over. And I have the iPhone X, I didn’t get the latest because of the look and I was expecting something new on the new iPhone 11 but same as always. Really sad. Apple is just a money maker.

  11. where u from??? notten pro?? kkkk

  12. I think I talked you today. Do you work for Verizon customer service?

  13. IPhone just change the camera

  14. Why can't Apple get this that the notch is not wanted water drop or otherwise!?

  15. U lied about the note 10 Pro ? and I was so looking forward. ?

  16. So stupid to buy a new phone every year y’all are being brainwashed and don’t even realize it

  17. It’s just a phone go to church a stupid phone won’t make you happy

  18. Not impressed these companies are just making little improvements each year and you y’all fall for I’m still using a iPhone 6 s and I love it

  19. ahh a sight to see apple is copying samsung

  20. Iphone 11:still has a notch
    Note 10 :still has a punch hole
    But still it is better than the notch

  21. i just want a iPhone max with no notch

  22. I have an s8 plus but I'm gonna wait for s11 if there is one

  23. You are the only idiot who is waiting for the new ugly iphone

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