Los 10 mejores juegos para Android e iOS 2022 High Graphics (offline y online)

Pre-regístrese en Noah’s Heart ahora Android / iOS: – Hola chicos, en el video de hoy les mostraré los 10 mejores juegos para Android e iOS 2022 High Graphics (en línea / fuera de línea) Juego introductorio West Legends: Guns & Horses — — – —————————————– Zona de conducción todoterreno de Android lite : – Muscle Fighter arena Android: – iOS: – Problemas en línea Android: – iOS: – Dragon quest builder Android: – iOS: – Android car: – iOS: – Horror tale Android: – iOS: – Primal Jurassic world Android: – Universal Truck Simulator Android: – iOS: – Android Trader Life Simulator: – Android Zero Mission: – ——————————- – – ————- #downtotop #highgraphics #androidgames #iosgames

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  1. Mission zero is a online game, i wrote offline by mistake, sorry guys

  2. Ооо Hassle Online – Radmir Rp о дааа

  3. My device is not compatible with Jurassic World Primal😢

  4. sorry but all of those games look like dogshit not fun not pretty… maybe i am just too picky i dont know

  5. Mission zero is not on iOS I was really looking forward to it.

  6. What is the game in the background

  7. Finally trader life simu on phoneeeeee yeayy

  8. Оооо Hassle onlain

  9. I like the trading simulator

  10. bro pls you can give me name of d game in intro

  11. Hi from Russia!👋

  12. Trading life simu not free tho

  13. Down To Top , I say really thank you . Because I want a best truck simulator game and today I got it 😇 .I am soooo happy. I see your videos many days..!! Your videos are very good . But today's video is tooooooooooo good..! Once more Thank U Soooooo Much Sir..!! 🙏

  14. Thanks for these good games 👍

  15. still can't find a single good game…

  16. Your background music???

  17. "If you look at what you have in life, you'll always have more. If you look at what you don't have in life, you'll never have enough." -Oprah Winfrey

  18. The requested url is not found in this server

  19. seems noahs heart isnt gonna be on google play anymore, only ios and PC … sucks i was really looking forward to it!

  20. Need more multiplayer open world zombie Survival

  21. I am posting different mobile game’s gameplay. I will appreciate if y’all can check my page:) and soon i’ll post useful websites also. TIA:D @iReviewThingsYT

  22. Pls show more and teenager can play or not a 10 or 13 years old I'm going to Sib for you and pls find a nice and best game that offline i can play.. I need a game survival island and I can't find a any good game

  23. I totally recommend trafe life simulator if you're interested in some business games 👍

  24. Game hay quá bạn oi

  25. Been so bored on my games these days, but I found your channel again and watched a few videos. Found one hell of a lot many games that I liked, downloaded em all. I'm subscribed to you right now, and if you remember me just forget the past 🙂

  26. I love how obvious of a ripoff Noah's Heart is from Genshin Impact lol they didn't even bother to change the interface.

  27. Please make a video top 10 offline
    Open world games for android ios

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