Los 10 mejores juegos NUEVOS de Android e iOS de diciembre de 2021 (fuera de línea / en línea) | Nuevos juegos de Android de 2021

Hola amigos, es su novio Sam y hoy les mostraré los 10 NUEVOS JUEGOS PARA ANDROID E iOS de diciembre de 2021, en este video hemos incluido el juego de las versiones más recientes de Apple App Store y Play Store, la mayoría de ellos tenga buenos gráficos, una jugabilidad increíble y mejores controles, verifique para ver más 👇 ————————– —— NUEVO Wildshade Android lista de juegos: – iOS: – Pure Sniper Android: – iOS: – Pako 3 Android: – iOS: – Juego de física Android: – iOS: – Downhill Legend Android: – iOS: – Little Grandi robot. Mech Battle Android: – iOS: – Nextgen: Truck Simulator Android: – Monocage Android: – iOS: – Alien Isolation (16 de diciembre de 2021) Android: – iOS: – Rocket League Sideswipe Android: – iOS: – —– – – ————————————- #nuevosjuegos #downtotop.

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43 comentarios

  1. Tips for RL Sideswipe you can find hidden control which is help you to easily fly instead of jumping and boosting, it did both.
    You can find it in control customization
    (Sorry for my bad england)

  2. All shit games cheers mate.

  3. Got a new phone for Christmas exited try offline games as I don't have Internet access at my grandads (where I spend most of my time)

    Get geometry dash it's absolutely amazing with online/offline with ability to make own levels

  4. Good game ! Can you review the game "Seal Special Team"?

  5. Not sure if this is a big shit top list or mobile gaming is that worse

  6. Where can I download them I can't find them on play store

  7. Do you download all this games before editing

  8. This video is so awesome

  9. can you do video about where you download all the games from

  10. can you please make a list of best MMORPG Games without autoplay for me autoplay on MMORPG is like cancer

  11. I'm playing rocket league sideways from the day it came out, it's very amazing game

  12. only down to top is the best

  13. 10: WILDSHADE
    8: PAKO 3
    3: MONCAGE

  14. Ty So Much Keep up the work:)

  15. Alien isolation me heart is dead and I cheat how

  16. trash games🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  17. Thx for the last one

  18. Rocket league is the best

  19. All mobile games are just boredom omygod

  20. 5:41 ye mobile games bad PC games best

  21. In rocket league side swipes it says i need to log in with epic games if i somehow log in with epic games do i get charged with money?

  22. Down To Top pls read um i want to view offline open world driving sim but please put off the road in the video i love your vids ( ̄3 ̄)

  23. Does redmi 9 be able to handle alien isolation?

  24. The Legends do this

    1. Set Quality to 240p
    2. Do the video fast forward🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. What's that game please tell the name of the game at 0:06 and 0:15 ?

  26. Rocket league sideswipe is really fun who else agrees 👍

  27. Abonné svp

  28. Thnx for video Same but I would like u to one about offline rpg games with a story line and fps with a story line as well pls

  29. Thx for the games

  30. For all lovers of Android and iPhone games, I hope you will organize my channel ☺️✌️

  31. anyone know any game related to polyfield?

  32. Another azing games:D keep it up sir

  33. Love your content bro,really helpful

  34. ما أسم اللعبة في بداية الفيديو رجاءا

  35. what's the name is play game on video

  36. Police Sim 2022 , Also a good game😄

    -The games you recommend are very good

  37. Guys best shooters that aren't mainstream like codm pubg???

  38. I like the background music

  39. Top 10 coop games pls

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