Listado de novedades y detalles Capturas de pantalla Design Part1: Vista previa y configuración del proyecto | Tutorial de estudio de Android

Hola a todos En este pequeño proyecto crearemos una interfaz de usuario para la lista de noticias y las pantallas de detalles. Aprenderá a crear una interfaz de usuario para elementos de la lista de noticias con múltiples tipos de vista. Para esto usaré el poder de recyclerview y viewholders. Dale me gusta y apoya el video si te gusta. Gracias Tutorial en video: Apoya el canal: Si te gusta mi contenido y quieres apoyarme directamente, puedes donar usando este enlace: PayPal: Muchas gracias. Enlaces y redes sociales: Instagram: GitHub: Mi blog: Música con licencia de Artlist: (obtenga 2 meses adicionales gratis usando este enlace de referencia):

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  1. i am waiting your next video bro

  2. Hey Aws – that fake flag should have cleared up off of your account. It was a fake copyright claim!

  3. love this i cant wait for next part😭

  4. Awesome Content💓 Bro. i build a news app with help of your volley and glide tutorial. Now i want to implement pagination which load more posts when scroll ends. i have a news website hosted on wordpress and getting data using rest api in json and i want to show 100 posts in a same recyclerview. But loading 100 posts with image takes a very long time. so, can you please make a tutorial on this. so it loads 10 posts at a time and when 10 posts ends it loads more 10 posts.


  5. nice work ,nice music . can i have the music?

  6. great content❤️ One question…Will you show us also how to publish news for the app? I mean how to add every day new content in the final app. I say so because I am interested in doing an app like this to share my articles.

  7. Bro.please teach how make documentation of android app.

  8. Bro.please teach how make documentation of android app.

  9. as always – looking great bro.

  10. Awesome i'll be here for the next videos! Thanks for share!

  11. Your videos are the best.
    Can't wait for the Book UI template next part.

  12. sir could you plsz suggest me and android course which will help me to improve my skill. and this video is very very good.

  13. Waiting for the part – 5,6,7 for the CV and Portfolio

  14. Espectacular gracias , 💪

  15. My bro.. Great work 👏👏👏✌🏻

  16. Great animation i ever watch .. keep it up bro ..

  17. Can't wait bro🔥🔥, just give us the next parts 😂

  18. Keep it up bro🤗♥️

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