Las mejores aplicaciones para Android! (Septiembre 2022)

Consulte MobiSystems OfficeSuite aquí – Regístrese como miembro del canal durante la primera semana de este video en vivo para obtener códigos promocionales para las aplicaciones mencionadas en este video – Escritura a mano sobre texto – *Cancelar notificación – Inicio de la computadora – * Apple para KWGT – * Oscuro Walls – Yuka – StarryAI – Fuelio – Plane Finder – ScreenMaster – *Estas aplicaciones están disponibles de forma gratuita para todos los miembros de mi canal. Obtén más información aquí – Suscríbete a mi nuevo canal de cortos – — 📺Mi curso de dirección de cine – 🎨Gráficos en movimiento increíbles – 📼Imágenes de archivo increíbles – 🎼Consigue la música para tus videos aquí – 🎵O también puedes escuchar música increíble aquí – 🎥Camera Rig – 🛒My Filmmaking Gear – Instagram – Twitter – TikTok – Cortos de YouTube – Sitio web – Afiliado de Amazon – ¡Gracias por ver este video! Si lo disfrutó, siéntase libre de subir a bordo presionando suscribirse. ☑️ Solo una nota, este video y la descripción contienen enlaces de afiliados, lo que significa que si hace clic en uno de los enlaces de productos, recibiré una pequeña comisión. Marcas de tiempo: 00:00 – Escritura a mano sobre texto 00:35 – Cancelar notificación 01:13 – Inicio de la computadora 01:58 – Apple para Kwgt 02:50 – Paredes oscuras 03:35 – OfficeSuite 04:47 – Yuka 05:23 – StarryAI 06 :16 – Fuelio 06:55 – Buscar aviones 07:50 – Screen Master 08:34 – Códigos promocionales 08:59 – Conclusión

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42 comentarios

  1. 00:56
    How do you have those circles on the tip of your mobile data and Bluetooth??? 😮

  2. Why do people use computer launcher lol

  3. What was the first phone you used please?

  4. How did you make your quick settings like that?

  5. 1st app ->> Samsung has it built-in in its keyboard now.. 😉

  6. is this for iPhone or Android?

  7. Yoooo this is called a perfect top app video🙇🙇🙇🙇

  8. That smart launcher amazed me wtf!

  9. Can anyone tell me what phone is he using in this video??

  10. Hey what's phone is that, your phone is cool

  11. Yuka is actually a very bad source of information, many ratings and health risks in the app are purely speculative. I wouldn't recommend the app at all

  12. oh nice ive been using plane finder for years, i like that one more than the more popular apps

  13. Which phone are you using at the 3:20 mark?

  14. First you can us eon pixel 6 select options

  15. 00:00 google lens do it too and with google's data base, so…

  16. What is the name of the phone he is using?

  17. Computer launcher works computer apps??

  18. What is the model of the phone used in the video?

  19. Can you repeat the one part about everything again?

  20. Hey what is that notification bar that you are using ?

  21. We all now are fully all out ready in having a turn by Giving us a version of this series top best apps You may or might not know exist series but with a TV or is it harder than with a phone as I always say go for the hard part before You start heading for a easier part any1 can do easy stuff now it's a typical thing or you can try both

  22. Dude details in the sound editing of this video. That app name display and disappearing sound like newspaper nailed it.

  23. How much you want for the Maton?

  24. Top ANDROID apps! … Click Bait, Apple Love boi

  25. I see you’re enjoying your nothing phone.

  26. Garbage list. Plane finder has been out for years too

  27. Which Phone using on this video? Anyone knows? (Front Camera hole on the left side)

  28. Hey Sam, please bring back best games of the month series

  29. Sam, are you reviewing a Nothing Phone?

  30. The developers of this app are from India, West Bengal

  31. Which phone did you use in your video?

  32. Try to show the applications icon

  33. Didn't find the list of apps useful for me this month, but great video nevertheless!

  34. I never understand why Android users would want to make their phones look like iPhones

  35. Was waiting for that

  36. What phone is this?

  37. That computer launcher is an absolute game changer!! I love it

  38. Dusky walls isn't free

  39. Almost stopped the video when you said switching to Apple. Glad I didn't and the rest were Android apps again. May be you could have the Apple apps at the end after Android list is done?

    Thanks again for another brilliant video 👏🏽👍🏽

  40. Yuka doesn't seem to be available in India 😪 Any alternatives?

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