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41 comentarios

  1. I want to use a 400watt inverter on a lithium battery, My TV draws 92watts and I'm using 2- 200Watt panels to feed a controller. How many hours will the TV safely operate on that battery with a 400watt inverter? I am hoping for about 5 to 6 hours of operation. Any suggestions? Your videos are very good and informative. Thanks a lot.

  2. Good points, well taken. I scored 700ah of new AGM lead acid for $500 total, getting deals from people who didn't finish building their kits. Sure, its about 500lbs of battery and im only factoring about 350ah of usable, but if they can last me at minimum 3 years then I'm happy. For my next battery solution i'm already obviously interested in going lithium for the many good points you mentioned. I wish there was a standard way of comparing battery technology in general, like dollars per amp hour with longevity factored in, so the buyer can easily compare. Maybe there is, but its not readily apparent.

  3. Please compare lithium to nickel metal hydrate

  4. Is it possible to replace my 8- 12 volt AGM batteries with the Lithium's in my Electric Polaris Ranger? The 8 batteries are currently setup in two parallel banks of 4 hooked in series.

  5. Part of the issue is lithium is harder to get, and most charge controllers are also setup for lead acid. I can just go into Canadian Tire and pickup flooded lead acid batteries but for lithium based tech you pretty much have to go with Ebay/Amazon/Aliexpress and you don't know what you're getting. Also don't you have to balance charge lithium batteries at a specific constant current curve? You can't just float them at a constant voltage like you can with lead acid and can't just stick all the cells in series each cell bank has to be balanced. That's why RC car chargers etc have multiple charge leads for each cell. This can get complicated as you need to measure the current going into each cell to keep the charge rate proper, but also account for load. Things like electric cars don't have to worry about this as you are either charging it or discharging it, but in solar you're doing both.

    With the proper electronics, and a good reliable source of lithium cells, lithium IS better though, it's just that it's much more involved because of how they need to be charged and just the fact of actually obtaining them. Basically: Lead acid = beginner friendly, lithium = more advanced but better long term.

  6. Can i use them for my car?

  7. Do you think charging the lithium batteries to 100% for long periods of time will affect its life span?, you said it yourself lithium is happier at 50%

  8. Very good video !

  9. But if you have a continuous source of FREE 5 years old 100Ah AGM (UPS) batteries, it's just fine! I need them a lot!!! 😉

  10. #1 Solar Guy "Will" If people are not buying Lithium, they have not seen this video, and if they still go buy a LA-Battery after seeing this video, Well, "YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID"

  11. Will the lithium Solar Batteries work with a VertaMax 3000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter + Cables + Fuse + ON/OFF Remote
    And how many would I need ? What would you recommend ?

  12. Excellent videos and your book arrived today. Why again do you need two 100 amp hour Battle Borns in parallel to run a 2000 w inverter?

  13. I have been looking at alll these battery videos to find a reliable battery for my cpap machine. Your videos are by far the best with way more details than I need but I love to know. Keep it up!!!

  14. Where do we buy the battle born lithium batteries?

  15. ANOTHER GREAT VIDEO!!! What brand lithium batteries do you recommend where is the cheapest place to buy them?

  16. going to live FULL TIME in a truck camper and will have a sm energy star freezer and sm fridge. Those are the big items. Not worrying about anything else. I have 500 watts of panels. How many Lithium should I have.? great vid… thx

  17. So 12 or 24 V recomended for mobile (Van/RV etc) ?

  18. Sorry NOT in Poland: LiFePO4 100Ah price 3000(2000+tax if from China). Polish producer Centra 120Ah heavy Duty lead acid price in shop 360 (if buy 1) with 2 years waranty. 300 cycles is not problem with 2 years waranty, after 15m. change to new one, because acu lose parameters. For 3000 i got 8 lead acid (4 × 240Ah). If used 50% Then 2 Times. And who give a f.. in solar how much its weight. If you live in camper then use Li.

  19. Great Tutorial

  20. Can these be replaced for use in a car? instead of the normal 12v acid battery

  21. I have 2 lithium batteries on my boat (RELION 100Ah). They are great but have an internal non programmable BMS. They will shut down when full and my diesel motor alternator would be destroyed while charging. I had to install an AGM starter battery for the alternator and a Sterling battery to battery charger.
    I would be interested in your comment on that.

  22. Will, I have a few questions for you….Let me start off by saying I pretty much know NOTHING about solar LOL….I am building a cabin for a permanent home and have decided that rather than pay 40K to bring power to it and have a monthly bill I am going to go solar, in Alaska. After watching this video I am thinking that lithium is the way I should be going when it comes to batteries. Now…here are my questions: 1) DOD, in lead acid we are looking at 50% max from everything I have read to maintain the life of the battery, what are we looking at with Lithium? Also, am I correct in assuming that temperature will not be an issue if I house these batteries IN the structure so they are not open to the -40F temps we can get in the winter? While I realize that solar for me will only be 6 months a year max, I am also installing a generator to back this system up. My house will really require very little power as I am basically running lights and the bare minimum in electric, all else will be propane, so I am looking at installing a 4KW system. Not sure you will have time to answer this, lol….but please take note, I am really loving your videos! and plan to keep watching 🙂

  23. A friend and I were stood a foot away from 2 24volt lead acid lorry batteries that were changing when they went bang, I don't know how we didn't get a single drop of acid on us I nearly had to change my underpants.

  24. Will, you are now an official member of our survival group…. just so you know…
    Rick Grimes

  25. Screw the manufacturer's. We need diy using smart quality components and thoughtful designs.

  26. Hi Will, is there are chart for wire gauge going into a Controller?

  27. So if i have 2 LA batteries in my truck camper that always has a trickle charger (16w) solar running, how long can i expect the batteries to last? In the winter months in Alaska, I will store them in my garage. But all summer, we’re camping about every other weekend and using the batteries for only LED house lights, water pump, furnace fan, water pump, occasionally the slide out motor, but no inverter for microwave or air conditioner.

  28. 5000 cycles? Has anybody ever done it with these newer offerings?


    Don't get too wrapped up in manufacturers claims. They may be totally bullshitting. And of course, warranty claims might require you to ship it back to China…at your expense.

    I have no problem with Tesla and the well known names, but there are dozens of new Chinese batteries out there that may be junk.

  29. Great info Will. I am buying another lithium to go parallel. Also, replaced 1000 watt inverter with a 1500 watt. If you are running a 1500 watt inverter & run a kettle for heating water or small induction oven you should be in good shape fitted with 250-170 amp circuit breaker. Really, the battery comes down to storage for boondocking. The sun isnt always available & didnt want invest in dc/DC charger. Battery storage us more important. With 360 watts of solar & 200 ah I should be good.

  30. Hi I'm a member of a off grid site, and I'm hopping you can do a video on lifepo4 V's nickel iron
    if that's possible so I can give link to it

  31. like your stuff , great job, posted to my cebu solar fb page.

  32. Thanks for your feed back!

  33. This year is the ending of the 30% tax rebate – the lower cost of install is most important. Currently my wind & propane generators are serving but the solar would round out to dependable power. Batteries that cost into the thousands guides one to a forklift battery 500 Ah(at 6hr) w/ 3yr warranty.

  34. Lithium batteries are better but they are not cheaper yet. The mistake people make when comparing them is that they use a 50% DOD for the FLA. If you use a 20% DOD with the FLA Trojan L16RE-B's they will last 4,600 cycles (13 years). Maintenance is 10 min/month.

  35. I don’t have solar on my RV. I charge via an inverter / charger. Would the lithium batteries work okay for me? Thanks

  36. Both too expensive.

  37. Great video! Thank you for making such informative videos about these! Is battle born the only other company to really get?

  38. I think most people know lithium is a better option but the deciding factor is the initial cost. I got 3 120ah batteries for £300 uk. Lithium lifepo4 100ah is £699.

  39. I’m a new to living in a van. I work regular factory job. Do you any info on a AGM battery,as a house battery ?Charged from the alternator using a dual battery isolator. I have 600watt pure sine wave inverter. Thank You.

  40. You smart boy. Thank you

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