¡La mejor aplicación para Android sin conexión!

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Una de las peores cosas que le pueden suceder cuando está fuera de casa es ingresar a un área con poca o ninguna conexión a Internet. Sin wifi ni datos. Aquí hay un par de aplicaciones que pueden ayudarlo mientras está aburrido en estas áreas y no sabe qué hacer. Disfrutar!
Sin conexión ◉◡◉ ≦ ▏ Aplicación sin conexión ▏ ≧ ◔◡◔ ≦
Por desplazamiento a través de Reddit

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➨ Google Maps

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  1. Learn something new with SkillShare. First 500 people get a 2-Month Free Trial. https://skl.sh/howtomen36
    Also, thanks for watching guys, really appreciate it. ?

  2. Hey bro thanks for some tips that I never know before. I am a student and money is low so I do not pay for data at all I am always near wifi when available. I still used an older Android device called ZTE Zmax pro from 2016 which still has good spec and allow me to installed 128 GB of sd card storage is the max. You for got about wifi finder app offline allow you to download data onto the phone and find location where you are at and get access to free internet and password. Finally I also used offline weather which not perfect but work allow me to get my local weather when needed. Also my phone has a feature called FM Radio which only some phone has them that allow me to listen to the radio without needing data as long I connect a headphone jack into the device so it enable it to have antenna signal without it will not work but if you have an adapter headphone jack you than able to used your favorite blue tooth headphones.

  3. Go to 0:30 You're welcome.

  4. i like that back round pls do a vid about to get a new phone and i would love it to look like that if haven't

  5. I actually don't know that I could download in Spotify, amazon prime, Netflix, maps, gmail. Thanks a lot buddy. Was very helpful when I have no internet. ??‍♂️

  6. Audify is a great offline music player. Best among my used ones

  7. Only the last one is helpful

  8. Another great video dude,I enjoy Netflix didn't know about the off line use thanks.

  9. Audio mack is a offline music app all you have to do is download the music

  10. love your content mate!

  11. Great, thanks for sharing. But I'm using YouRMusic for downloading any youtube videos or musics 😉 Details shared on channel

  12. Facundo listens to The 1975! Omg!

  13. Hi howtomen i just wanna ask were do u download apk
    Cos we all know some apk websites are not safe and it might give ur phone a viruse
    So were do u download apk? Safely

    (Sorry if im bad at spelling and in grammar)

  14. По этой программе вастоновить мой телефон. И во время её просмотра, автоматически вастоновить WhatsApp.

  15. That's a dumb list

  16. 5:50 am I the only one who heard libary instead of library

  17. i feel really bad i just found out im not even subscribed to you… and watching for years omg.. im so bad..

  18. Relay for reddit masterrace!

  19. Makes a video about "ofline apps". Talks 8 minutes about how to cashe constent from "online apps"

  20. Any other channels that cover app/game reviews consistently???

  21. But one need to have internet to watch the video.

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