La encuesta "se mueve muy rápido" después de que la casa buscara a un estudiante desaparecido en Utah

La policía que investiga la desaparición de la estudiante de 23 años de la Universidad de Utah, Mackenzie Lueck, está examinando pruebas incautadas de una casa de Salt Lake City cuyo propietario es considerado una "persona de interés". Después de una búsqueda de 19 horas, la policía dice que su investigación "se está moviendo muy rápido". Las cajas de munición se encontraban entre los diversos artículos retirados durante una búsqueda del jueves. Jonathan Vigliotti informa.

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29 comentarios

  1. If he killed her that is a crime not stocking up ammo ever American better start stocking up ammo cause it’s coming sooner than you think socialism

  2. am so Sad for her Family my Heart is Crying for her…………Family that They LOVE her so Much of you…….

  3. Bet he's a another black killer. ?

  4. "Moving very fast"..? If there is a digital footprint why didn’t the cops lead with that angle instead of dragging the case on and on? Modern phone tracking gives output which can be tracked in real time so why would it take 11 days? Wouldn’t a software engineer know to turn off his tracking apps and hers? Also, no black man living in a community like Utah— where white people constantly stare at the odd man out— would EVER do his dirt at his own house. He has to be the cerebral type because he works for a software company.

    It’s all too convenient and this little sheeple ain’t buying it.

    20 years from now— long after this guy has been executed— we’re gonna have a movie about his unjust arrest, the lack of evidence and a DA pressuring the Utah PD for a conviction. Just like the 5 black children wrongfully arrested in Central Park for rape.

    These channels keep deleting my comments because I call bull on this whole story.

  5. How sad to learn your daughter made such sick choices for money and died because of it.

  6. Another beautiful white life snuffed out. Brainwashed into believing we are all the same. Watch the evening news ladies, and believe what you're eyes see, not the lies society pushes. Two murders (including this one) and a bank robbery tonight alone, there being one common denominator. Or be raped, murdered, and set on fire, a common tactic used by certain low IQ individuals who think they are burning evidence, when in fact they are creating it. Research Jessica Chambers white women, and wake TF up!!

  7. She liked the bbc

  8. She wasn't looking So Sexy at THE airport. She did acresponsiblevthing subletting mom know she made it in then does Irresponsible thing and meets strange man at park at 3am again not dressed for a date I'd say if she was a Call Girl youd think she would dress up or something. It was just so casual. She still had her suitcase
    Who goes and meets strange men at 3am in a park with their suitcase?
    Its allll very strange. I feel like the guy may have been portraying himself as someonelse. She went to meet him and maybe he had GUN and made her get in car. Idk. Js

  9. Just drop off this black dude at a white Supremacist rally let them deal with him

  10. Growing up by Detroit, by 10 years old, people knew where to be or not be, and I raise myself.

  11. Watching the NEWS like watching a magic show, what,what.

  12. From ( this) fxxk News story looks like a white guy,

  13. Prayers for family and friends throughout this very difficult time.
    May you have God's peace and strength.

  14. 11 Days… I'll be surprised if shes ok. Peoples online lives are taking them. Time to be safer.

  15. Did she meet this dude thru the Internet? Probably… Horrible way to meet people.. Certainly her friends knew she was communicating and meeting someone!!!

  16. Such a shame. I still feel bad for the Lyft driver. I bet he feels guilty for leaving her in that park alone at 3 am!

  17. Was McKenzie a call girl???????????

  18. So I guess we can just assume the suspect isn't white when MSM won't produce the image or give us any information on the suspect.

  19. The police arrested a suspect and confirmed that the victim is dead. I cannot wait to find out WHY she met with him and what he was offering to her.  Girls please be cautious!!!

  20. You know she was also raped and tortured by a black barbarian that should never been allowed in the USA!

  21. I think we can conclude she was raped and killed and there will be a search and retrieval of the body should the "person of interest" make a deal or confess. Whether or not she was a "good girl" makes zero difference. She was someone's family and my thoughts go to them and hope that can survive the loss of a piece of their soul.

    I commend the police and family for swiftly investigating this case. I will say that so many families have had to jump through hoops in getting digital information from phone carriers. This family was lucky that the police did not label the missing person as "less than", as we have seen in some cases that don't get the media attention.

  22. What on earth was this poor child doing meeting this murderous cretin at 3AM? I find it incomprehensible. Her poor parents.

  23. They confirmed her death , the guy admitted to it

  24. Found burnt behind that house…??????????????????????

  25. The person who killed her is Ayoola Ajayi he's a african immigrant.

  26. Around blacks never relax. Arrest made

  27. Everbody stop what your doing shes "white"

  28. I thought she was a prostitute. Cant they let her turn tricks in peace. #leaveheralone.


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