Kotlin para desarrolladores de Android (Antonio Leiva)

Learn Kotlin para desarrolladores de Android: Capacitación gratuita de Kotlin: en este podcast entrevisté a Antonia Leiva. Antonio es: – Un desarrollador de Android – Experto en Kotlin (y digo experto porque su curso de Android Kotlin está certificado por jetbrains y es recomendado por Google) – Orador – Autor – Blogger – YouTuber Sigue a Antonio en Twitter: Cursos de Android de alta calidad: Instagram de Mitch:.

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  1. Bro i see all your podcast but couldn't listen to this one because of the mike problems on Antonio

  2. 2 nice guys I follow and whom I learnt a lot. I hope you keep doing this for a long time. Great work guys

  3. Hello Bhai you are great coder bro i one request you can make video trimmer using java i request bro???

  4. Sorry, but the sound on Antonios side is very bad, so I can't understand much. I must say I'm using hearing aid and therefore the sound should be clear, as on Mitch's side for example. Thanks, Jannis

  5. You can't click names in the chat

  6. Hi Mitch. I don't agree with you regarding Firebase. It's true that if "something" happens with your client data, you're "see you later" but same rule apply with all "Cloud Services". So you say, let's create our own email services to own the data instead of using the services from the cloud? Beside that, since Firebase == Google, most likely they aren't going anywhere.

  7. Thanks for having me! I had a great time on your show ?

  8. These videos are a gem. I always learn something new watching at these. Thanks Mitch ??

  9. I m also mitch follow

  10. please add translate arabic language for this stream ,thanks

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