iOS Gamer Vs Android Gamer

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Asfalto 9

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Snitch disimulada
Plan extraordinario
La vida de riley
Kool Kats
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Monos Spinning Monos

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Desfigurar – En blanco [NCS Release] Música proporcionada por NoCopyrightSounds

Cielo diferente – Nekozilla [NCS Release] Música proporcionada por NoCopyrightSounds

NIVIRO – El Apocalipsis [NCS Release] Música proporcionada por NCS.
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Duendes de Marte – Mundo amargo (ft. Bombermenslug)
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• Estoy estudiando. Entonces chicos no tienen videos regularmente

• Vengo de la India

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41 comentarios

  1. I recommend you guys to see the New video. It will be epic
    Pubg Gamer vs Free Fire Gamer

  2. Hhaha. I have both, but my android works better in gaming performance than my ios device. Though my Iphone does have a better camera.

  3. Android Mobile: Like!!
    IOS Mobile: Comment!!

  4. I had ipad iOs and its fine

  5. I have note 10 and it plays asphalt 9 better than other iphones

  6. How you make animations please answer please and are you use any to make anime??

  7. I have a ZTE blade A7 2019 And it runs games like it's from 2030 I'm not kidding

  8. Lol Android have good performance and it's also cheap

  9. How TF do you expect to get a good performance from a $300 android???At least buy a flagship level android lol

  10. have you even ever used an android phone? all you show in your video is bulshit the best gaming phones on the market run on Android systems dude

  11. I think there's no problem with this video. What's wrong with everybody?
    We have different experiences with both Apple and Android. and It just happened to be like that. As for me everything was relatable. Not biased. ?

  12. This channel is so biased

  13. Yeah 300 dollars plus taxes

  14. I don't think Android performance drops after 1 year, cuz I'm currently using Galaxy S7 edge and the performance is good as when I first bought it. Beside I think My iPhone 6 that I still have, it's kinda lag now.

  15. Aqui no Brasil os iOS É de 4k pra cima

  16. Android:Mostly often performance and battery upgrade
    Iphone:Bug fixing and great security but not freedom like android

  17. I have a iOS and it does not take that long to charge

  18. Vivo : like ?
    IOS : comment

  19. what the know they perform better in android right

  20. Ahem…exuse me ? I had an old S4 and after years it still work like it was brand new i can still play high quality games when i want and his battery is also super strong and also he fell multiple times and still alive i think you never used android devices and plus you copied the "I know I'm awesome" youtuber videos

  21. After i watch this video ..i can't what fone to buy ..ios or Android… someone please help me choose?

  22. понятно, можете валить с видоса, он создал что бы обосрать андроид

  23. Bruh the s20 is twice as fast as any iphone

  24. Android ????????❤❤

  25. Android is way better for games, i’ve grown up with apple but soon i might ask for a samsung android tablet for christmas since it has soooo much more games and you can mod things yourself with things like game guardian or get modded apks and theres way more gaming video editing and screen recording software than apple, basically android has more freedom when it comes to gaming

  26. Android is best, ios is not costumable, a shit..
    I have a one plus 5 and i can run all games perfectly on it
    And a i phone is not a good choice for excessive gaming on phone ?

  27. No.Ios is perfomance and price android is battery and camera

  28. this is not true, in a year the android will also work.

  29. What Ios users Androis is:?️
    What Android really is:?

  30. De 20 min charge tru bur de 5 min lo battery not tru

  31. yeah this guy thinks that iphones are better than android

  32. Android phone is better than ios

  33. Android is better for me. It doesn't take the battery fast as Apple Iphone.

  34. Bra just reset da phone I played asphalt on an 6s edge and it was smooth and that's like 5 years old

  35. My Android has 2 years and never has been slow

  36. I think he must be updated

  37. I have a Samsung galaxy s7 and the gaming performance is amazing bra

  38. Nubia Red magic, Xiaomi Black Shark ,Asus Rog Phone 1,2 ,Razer Phone etc are Gaming phones that runs Android and have the higgest specs from earth when Iphone is only an expansive peace of glass.Even on a 200-300 dollar Phone u can gaming.I stop there because If i keep telling best things on Android i cant speak until i fall asleep

  39. Android not finish it's full battery in 5 mins

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