iOS 13 vs Android Q!

iOS 13 vs Android Q! Hola a todos y bienvenidos a este video de comparación entre iOS 13 y Android Q. En este video, comparamos el último iOS 13 (Public Beta 5 al registrarse) con Android Q (Android 10 Beta 6 Final Beta) en iPhone XR y Google Pixel 3 XL para ver las diferencias de funcionalidad. La intención de este video es educarlo sobre las diferencias entre el estado actual de iOS y Android para ayudarlo a tomar una decisión sobre qué software le servirá mejor en 2019. Si tiene alguna pregunta, comentario o inquietud, asegúrese de publicarla de Seguí en la sección de comentarios del video y como siempre gracias por mirar 🙂 # iOS13 #AndroidQ #Apple #Google # Android10 #iOS # iOS13beta #iphone #pixel #teampixel # apple2019 #iPhoneXR # Pixel3XL Mira iOS 13 vs One UI de Samsung aquí: HERRAMIENTAS CON LAS QUE HAGO VIDEO: VIDEO EN LA CÁMARA DE ESTUDIO: EDICIÓN PRINCIPAL PORTÁTIL: ¡¡CONECTEMOS !! ÚNETE A: INSTAGRAM: * Descargo de responsabilidad: Nick Ackerman participa en el programa de afiliados de Amazon Services LLC, un programa de afiliados diseñado para proporcionar a los sitios los medios para ganar comisiones por publicidad mediante la publicidad y la vinculación de productos a descargo de responsabilidad: todas las opiniones son mías y se agradece a los patrocinadores. Todos los productos reseñados en este canal son pagados por el creador de contenido, “Nick Ackerman”. Si un producto es proporcionado por una empresa, patrocinado o es un anuncio pago o está respaldado por otra entidad comercial o marca, esto se indicará explícitamente en el video y la descripción. Atención * La página de inicio de contacto de se cerró oficialmente el 9 de diciembre de 2019, pero las empresas y los socios potenciales aún pueden contactarme para colaboraciones de video y patrocinios en

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48 comentarios

  1. iOS 13 vs Android Q! Let's Gooo!!!

  2. iOS verry smooth

  3. transition between light and dark mode so smooth on ios and also it change the color of wallpaper, android need to improve it

  4. Night Mode along with Blue Light actually does adapt to the time of the day. Gestures aren't new to Pixel devices. I have had gestures on my Pixel 2 XL and they work great. Android Q is very much like P and a lot of the feature he's wowing over aren't even new to Android. Android wins.

  5. We can increase speed by lowering the animation speed in developer options in android

  6. 1:30 oh the time of the "daaaay"?

  7. I choose iOS 13 cause it’s better than android!

  8. Android Q is better and looks better on Samsung phone's

  9. Me turns on dark mode on YouTube

  10. The weather is not dark cause it's day time not night …

  11. well you can clear all apps quicker with multitouch with iPhone xD

  12. Android For Life because i can do pretty much everything with my phone.

  13. Just got a pixel phone and I was wondering when I'm on a website how do I go to the previous page???

  14. im addicted to customizing my home screen on Android, and i was a huge ios fan for a long time

  15. I think my next phone will be the iPhone 11, but I don't split screen stuff on my phone. I tried it when I first learned of it, but didn't really care once I got YouTube premium.

  16. Android Q has more benefit than iOS 13

  17. My first smartphone was a Windows phone and since I can still find most of the apps I used on Play Store I still use them on my Android devices. The ONLY Google apps I use on a regular basis are Maps and YouTube. The rest of their apps I have found to be useless to me. I've found LG, Samsung stock apps to be better and more user-friendly.

  18. Then one feature that I miss on my old android phone was split screen…

  19. Wallpaper is moving on ios when you move the device 😉 small detail but still

  20. I only use Smarthphones for Browsing and Youtube,Netlflix..etc o0 Which gaved me idea to buy Ipad 🙂

  21. As usual lol. Android's animation when opening and closing apps is kinda looks like iphone's animation. copy kwkwkwkwk

  22. Anyways… Still iPhone user here?

  23. Hey, you can forced all app to dark at Developer Option in Android Q!

  24. these gestures is actually copy from nokia n9 meego

  25. IOS 13is tottaly bulshit only minor updates and so no benefitt

  26. You have Splitscreen on iPad

  27. 3xl wallpaper please.

  28. 1) Android has a full local File Manager e.g. like Windows Explorer. iOS doesn't.
    2) The iOS version of an identical app is usually more expensive
    3) Movies in the iTunes store are usually a bit more to rent than movies in the Google Play Movies & TV app
    4) Android has an Always-On-Display mode for phones with an OLED or AMOLED screen. iOS doesn't
    5) The Google Assistant is more accurate(overall just better when it comes to voice input) than Siri
    6) On the sender side, Link Previews in SMS programs works regardless of the recipient OS. Conversely, Link Previews only
    consistently works from iMessage to iMessage on iPhones
    7) Android is more visible for connectivity to third party hardware than iOS is. For example, we had a Zoom
    conferencing hardware and software setup at work. The hardware/software could find any Android phone.
    But, it could not find any of the iPhones our staff had
    8) Android offers more options for customization (e.g. it allows the use of third party Launchers)
    9) Many of the default Android apps can be swapped out for alternative app. Not so with iOS
    10) Across various Android OEMs, Android is fragmented
    11) iOS has better standby time than Android
    12) The native messaging app for iOS supports end-to-end encryption. This is not the case with Android
    13) iPhones typically get 4 years of iOS security updates and OS upgrades. This is not the case with Android. However, many of Google’s apps are continually updated despite being on a deprecated Android OS.
    14) There is a lot more to discuss, but I'll stop here…

  29. @11:20, Living Wallpaper….Hey Nick, get it together

  30. iPhone X wallpaper?

  31. Really miss split screen the most having had iOS now for several years. My friggin galaxy s4 could do it but not my XS Max

  32. maybe it's the Mate 30 Pro

  33. I would like to see another system on the phones. like the blackberry, but instead of innovating the system chose to put Android on their phones. very bad.

  34. Iphones have that back button since ios 9! We borrowed a lot of things from them,gestures,app actions,back button! But the new gesture system is the way to go!

  35. Bruh the calculator has a dark theme in the option on Android.

  36. Let's gooooooo…..

  37. Q nahi 10 hai..

  38. 9:00
    But you CAN make custom stickers on Android equivalent to Apple's Memoji. Using Gboard (Android's stock keyboard), go to the emoji panel and then go to the sticker tab. You can get the option to create personalized stickers from there

  39. Well the iPhones smoothness is kind of irrelevant now that Android for the OnePlus and Google phones are now just as smooth and even smoother with the OnePlus 7 Pro.

  40. I've had the same gestures for a while with Fluid NG, and my phone is still on Android 5.

  41. Do you belong to the "Ackerman" family… there any chance you know Levi Ackerman..?

  42. iPhone has face emoji because imessage is like whatsapp so they put more focus on creating emojis like this,but for Android it just receives text message

  43. no proper adult should be concerned about what emoji your phone has

  44. You can swipe on the iPhone X’s home bar to switch between apps, kinda better than that back gesture on android q as you can swivel back and forth.

  45. ios 13 is best performance…

  46. android Q all the features already in one ui??

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