Instalación de Kali Linux NetHunter Android en 5 minutos (sin raíz)

Es fácil instalar Kali Linux en su teléfono Android sin rootear. Esta es una instalación sin raíz que le permite ejecutar Kali Nethunter como una aplicación en su teléfono. Le mostraré cómo hacerlo en 5 minutos. IMPORTANTE: en caso de problemas, lea las instrucciones en PDF: Razones para no usar Playstore: // MENÚ // 00:00 – ¡Kali en su teléfono! 00:37 – Tutorial de lanzamiento//Instalar Termux 01:03 – Repositorio de actualización 01:30 – Instalar wget 01:37 – Descargar Kali NetHunter 02:01 – Cambiar permisos//Instalar NetHunter 02:22 – Después del descanso para tomar café//eliminar rootfs aviso 02:35 – Inicie Kali NetHunter CLI y escaneo nmap 02:52 – Establezca la contraseña de Kex 03:13 – Instale la aplicación NetHunter Store y Kex 04:02 – Ejecute Kex//NetHunter GUI 04:26 – Escaneo nmap a través del terminal Kali 04: 42 – ¡Comenta!//¿Otros videos de NetHunter? 04:50 – Nota//Problema de Android 12 05:05 – En la descripción//Guía paso a paso 05:17 – Beneficios de instalar Rootless NetHunter 05:30 – ¡Suscríbete si te gustó el video! // Instrucciones en PDF // Instalación de Kali NetHunter Rootless Android: // David SOCIAL // Discord: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook: TikTok: YouTube: // MIS COSAS // // PATROCINADOR // ¿Interesado en patrocinar mis videos? Póngase en contacto con mi equipo aquí: kali linux nethunter termux nethunter termux kali linux nethunter kali linux nethunter android wifi hack kali linux nethunter descargar para móvil android kali linux nethunter android kali linux net installer cómo instalar kali linux en android sin root install kali linux en android cómo instalar kali linux en android kali linux en android nethunter sin root kali linux android cómo instalar nethunter nethunter en instalación no root kali linux cómo instalar nethunter sin root cómo instalar nethunter cómo instalar nethunter en termux cómo instalar nethunter en android nethunter instalar android kali nethunter rootless instalar nethunter en android nethunter kali linux android cómo instalar kali linux en android cómo instalar kali linux en un dispositivo android sin root fácilmente kali linux en android móvil nethunter rootless instalar cómo descargar kali linux en android como instalar kali linux en android 2021 cómo instalar kali linux en android sin root 2022 cómo instalar kali linux en android sin root sin error e instalación sin conexión cómo instalar kali linux en android sin root en telugu cómo instalar kali linux en android sin root (versión completa) cómo instalar kali linux en android sin root en hindi cómo instalar kali linux en android sin root (versión completa) github cómo instalar kali linux nethunter en android sin root cómo instalar kali linux en un teléfono inteligente android sin root instalar kali linux en android 2022 instalar kali linux en android sin termux instalar kali linux en android con termux instalar kali linux en root android instalar kali linux en android sin root instalar kali linux en tarjeta sd android #termux #nethunter #android

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33 comentarios

  1. Dose it work on android 11??

  2. More nethunter kex videos

  3. My termux freezes in the middle can u help?

  4. How much storage space require for the termux?

  5. would this just be an app on my phone or would i only have Kali Linux NetHunter on that phone?

  6. Like how much data will it take to install kali linux in termux

  7. Which Android phone is recommended? What is the minimum specifications?

  8. Hi! I'm facing a problem not mentioned in the PDF. Where can I contact you? I did every step you just did but there's a new prompt: "existing image file found. Delete and download a new one?" If I say no it will say something about file not existing, if I type yes a new big download starts. What do I click?

  9. There's only one BIG problem. Why even install the full blown GUi because without an external monitor and mouse and keyboard, it's not usable at all on a phone.

    Why not just install the console or terminal tools only and no GUi.

  10. Hey David I have a quick question. When I put in chmod +x install-nethunter-termux it says there is no such thing as install-nethunter-termux

  11. ./install-nethunter-termux at this point I keep getting permission denied please what could be the cause

  12. i am facing problem in nethunter kex password

  13. @ David Bombal , can you please remind us or recommend a few Wifi Adapters we can use and can get in UK , as per your YouTube Shorts, Kali NetHunter WiFi Hacking

  14. I can't download termux please give me link 😥

  15. pkg install wget

  16. Need kali nethunter in iPhone 📱 please

  17. hello sir can you show me how to use kali Linux on mobile?

  18. Bitdefender says this is a trojan and Samsung s22 Ultra says NetHunter closed because this app has a bug.

  19. Why it show black screen after connect???

  20. ./install-nethunter-termux: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `newline' ./install-nethunter-termux: line 1: `<!DOCTYPE html>'

  21. Sir, so can you all of process from your kali linux at the mobile phone like on fully installed at pc?

  22. This root make dangerous on phone ??

  23. This on Android 10

  24. awesome video . you know how to install a wifi dondle in andoid phone o tablet with this kali linux??? to use wifite?

  25. Still can't do any wifi-hacking on rootless…

  26. I get a error connection fail when trying to connect through NetHunter KeX. I followed everything correctly what could have i done wrong?
    UPDATE: I GOT IT!! You have to be quick right after nh kex you open nethunter app!

    But in the middle of using it it loses connection is there a remedy for this?
    And how much space does this take?
    And how do we uninstall it if we choose to?

  27. And how to uninstall it

  28. Sir link of nethunter is not working

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