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SleepHQ es una nueva aplicación web para analizar datos de CPAP que diseñé con mi mejor amigo Adam. Actualmente estamos en pruebas beta. En este video, Adam muestra cómo cargar datos de la tarjeta SD de CPAP a sleepHQ desde un dispositivo móvil (teléfono/tableta, etc.) que está disponible en App Store o Google Play Store. Únase a mí en Facebook – Manténgase actualizado con todo lo relacionado con CPAP – Si le gustan mis reseñas de CPAP y lo han ayudado con su terapia, considere apoyar el canal convirtiéndose en miembro del canal – . Puedo garantizar al 100% que su membresía eventualmente se pagará sola. Mucho amor. tio nico

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  1. Do I have to keep uploading data even after the initial upload? Like every month?

  2. My android phone wants to format the SD card. Won't read anything until I do but I'm pretty sure it will erase all my data. It's only like a week so I won't be incredibly upset but I'm afraid if I format then my airsense 10 auto will not be able to use the card. Thoughts? TIA

  3. Super. Thank you for posting!

  4. Hi. I can't sign in on my iphone 11. i can sign in on my pc, but on the iphone, I keep getting a message, "the change you wanted was rejected." Any ideas? Thanks!

  5. When I try to choose files to add to the Zip file on my Android Samsung S9+ phone and click "Select All," it will select everything on my card except Datalog and Settings, not sure why. Maybe something is wrong with my card? Has worked fine until two days ago when it started only partially uploading data to Sleep HQ using a PC, would not produce a circle with the event breakdown. I'm using a Transcend card reader with the PC, and today I tried with my phone using a Lention card reader from Amazon. The SD card is only a month old, and today when I inserted it into my PC, it was not recognized in one PC and recognized but would not open on another PC.

  6. Can I copy my data files to a flash drive then transfer them to my Android tablet, and finally import them into SleepHQ? Or can I connect my Android tablet to my PC and transfer the files from my PC to my tablet so I can import the files into SleepHQ, which I installed on the tablet?

  7. Guten Tag, ich habe mehrfach auf unterschiedlichen Endgeräten meine Daten im Zip Format die Resmed Daten hoch geladen. Leider immer erfolglos mit Abbruch der Seite. Können sie mir weiterhelfen? vielen Dank

  8. Hello. I'm having trouble getting data from the card to my phone — android. I don't see how to create an archive (zip) file. Can you provide a link to instructions?

  9. Will a SD card reader enable me to upload files to my Windows PC too?

  10. Make a How To video for Dummies. I am Smart enough to use a Smart Phone but don’t understand setting up Zip File. Thanks

  11. Adam I can’t find the video to add only the new data files.

  12. I'm picking up my SD card reader later today. Hopefully won't have any issues transfering files onto my laptop. Will be interested to look at the in depth data on what's happending while I'm sleeping – The lady at the chemist refuses to send me the data. Say's I won't understand it. She also doesn't recommend pursuing the nasal mask if your a 'mouth breather' . Which I'm not, but with all that blxx%y air being forced in, my poor nose can't cope. So far my total events are 0.5 with an automatic air pressure starting at 4. When I wear a soft cervical collar I can get events down to 0. Trialing the cpap (crx&p) for a month. Was diagnossed with severe apenia with an at home sleep study reading over 38 apenia events an hour and oxygen levels getting down to 88! Strange though, I've never been affected by daytime sleepiness.

  13. LOL, I missed this vid, somehow, and just commented on the 6/20 vid. Tah

  14. I have a dream station one with modem but no SD card for my CPAP machine. Can I still get the info to the AP without the SD card? I'm currently trying out the Dream mapper AP and it's interesting but looks limited to what I can see.

  15. You lost me at 1:03, I’m not tech savvy and have no idea how to get the card reader to put the info on the SD card to get it to sleep hq, I’m using an iPad Pro, you need to slow down and explain it by the numbers!

  16. what's a good SD card reader

  17. Can you add some info on how to connect a SD card reader onto an iPhone? And if the app is available on the Apple iTunes store?

  18. iPad won’t recognize the sd card and iPhone 12 can not bring up the dock to get ‘files’

  19. On my Samsung tablet when I try to import data after going into files there is no option to create a zip file.

  20. Tried it but didn't work. I have a Samsung Android tablet and cannot drag and drop. I tried "select files" option but it still wouldn't work. When I select all files I have an Edit or Share option, neither of which work to get the files moved or copied.

  21. When will this be available?

  22. I love my Airsense 10 for her but they are sold out in the US. There are some regular Airsemse 10 but they are scarce. Everyone seems to be getting the 11 slowly in stock. Do you have an opinion on which is better? The 11 seems all bells and whistles. Why fix what isn't broken?

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