Implementar Ml Model en Android | Proyecto Java de Android | estudio de android | aplicación gato perro

este video trata sobre la implementación del modelo de aprendizaje automático / aprendizaje profundo en una aplicación de Android utilizando el lenguaje Java. Con esta guía paso a paso, puede implementar prácticamente cualquier modelo de aprendizaje profundo. el primer paso es convertir su modelo al modelo TFlite. el segundo es crear una GUI básica. tercero es importar el modelo y crear la funcionalidad de backend. asegúrese de tener instalada la última versión de Android Studio. si desea seguir esta parte, puede utilizar esta plantilla. todo el código está aquí GRACIAS POR MIRAR … ME GUSTA + COMPARTIR + SUSCRIBIRSE = soporte 🙂 contácteme: 📞 facebook: twitter 🐦: github: discord: linkedin: youtube ❤️: claves: implementar el modelo ml en android, modelo de aprendizaje en profundidad en Android, aplicación de aprendizaje automático de Android, aplicación de aprendizaje profundo de Android, cómo implementar el modelo de aprendizaje automático, implementación de ML, modelo de aprendizaje automático en Android.

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  1. Can you make it using device camera? Not select from galery?

  2. thank you so much that was very helpful

  3. Sir, your drive links seems that you already remove the project into trash, can you renew the link? thanks

  4. Plz upload TFLite file on github
    As it is not available on drive

  5. how can I add labels.txt code in this apps?

  6. kotlin.UninitializedPropertyAccessException: lateinit property bitmap has not been initialized

  7. why is it that my app crashes whenever i click the predict button, anyways, great work, thank you

  8. I used my model with leaf images for prediction. It successfully worked when I use leaf image. But it also gives prediction results for any image ex:-pencil. Can you please tell me how to validate only to predict the leaf images? I hope you will reply. Thank you. i think it is in if probability score > threshold value but I didn't have idead how to do it.

  9. Can we use a teachable machine file here? using this method?

  10. How I can Get the Confidence Value of The Prediction?
    Extra Code that's I need to add?

  11. wow what a good idea to using tensorflow for deep learning app android. but i"ve question when you click predict show the number accuracy data. it"s accurate?

  12. HI ,thank u for the this great video , but i can't upload my model it is bigger than 200 MB , is there is another way of upload or I should paste my model in assets .? thanks

  13. How to see name output with labels.txt and %predict?

  14. hello sir, when i click the predict button application automatically close will u help ??

  15. Hello thank you for this video I have a question: How can I create model.tflite file on Jupyter notebook?

  16. hello sir im having trouble with model having multiple class can you make video on it as well?

  17. how to train own models insted of cat and dog sir ?

  18. Hey bro can u tell me how to use full 1000 list of tensorflow in this code

  19. sir how can i create h5 file for my project?

  20. Just passing by to say Thank you sir, I was suffering lookin at the TensorFlowLite sample code examples, but you explain this brillantly. May you get everything you want!

  21. Thanks for this tutorial, I am getting the error:

    Process: com.example.catsdogmodel, PID: 31068
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Internal error: Cannot create interpreter: Didn't find op for builtin opcode 'CONV_2D' version '5'

    Registration failed.

    at org.tensorflow.lite.NativeInterpreterWrapper.createInterpreter(Native Method)
    at org.tensorflow.lite.NativeInterpreterWrapper.init(
    at org.tensorflow.lite.NativeInterpreterWrapper.<init>(
    at org.tensorflow.lite.Interpreter.<init>(
    at com.example.catsdogmodel.MainActivity$3.onClick(
    at android.view.View.performClick(
    at android.widget.TextView.performClick(
    at android.view.View.performClickInternal(
    at android.view.View.access$3600(
    at android.view.View$
    at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(
    at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
    at android.os.Looper.loop(
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)

  22. can a pkl file be used in android studio

  23. thank you kind sir, i really need this one.

  24. I assume this will work for any tflite model?

  25. explained it in really easy way THANKS 👍

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